Monday, March 20, 2017


Hello friends and family!
I realize that subject line may be a little misleading from what I actually mean, so let me clarify. In our branch of Ximeno, there are 3 companionships. 2 of those companionships had a baptism this last Sunday, but not my companionship. I had the privelage of seeing 2 women enter the waters of baptism, as the first baptism this branch has had since last July. Though Elder Gutierrez and I have not had a baptism yet, seeing these 2 women be baptized gave me a thirst to get that. I imagined all of my investigators in white, and oh how I want that. Unfortunately, everything does not go my way. We have difficulties, people have doubts, and they quit investigating the Gospel when they don't get their answers immediately. That's not how God works. We have to have trust in his timing. People here are full of pride and their hearts are like stones. But my job as a missionary is to break that stone open, so these people come to God with a broken heart and receive Christ into their life.
I went on a really good exchange with another Elder in my district, Elder Keyser. He's from Texas and he's a convert to this gospel. It was very great to hear him teach.
Anyways, I regret to say I don't have much time this week to email more. Just know everything is well for Elder Horton in Long Beach!

Elder Horton

Tag Picture (Long Beach Yacht Club)

Baptism I got to attend

Splits with Elder Keyser

Typical meal

Subway with Elder Gutierrez

Some hammock time!

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