Monday, September 18, 2017


Hola todos mis queridos, amigos, y conocidos. Esta semana pasó bien rapido. Así que no tengo mucho que decir...
Hello family and friends. For all those who didn't understand what I wrote, use google translate I guess.
But yes! Though this week didn't have much, it was full of teaching. That's great for a missionary to tell and to hear. I'll tell all you guys some cool experiences I've had this week.
One of my favorite things about being a missionary is when people have questions for me. This gives an opportunity to immediately seek revelation from the Lord to give the best answer I can. I usually always like to answer questions with the Book of Mormon or the Bible. After that, simply explaining does okay too. Our investigator Diana has reached a point where she can trust us as missionaries to be able to ask us anything. So we asked her to write down all her questions. When we sat down for our lesson on Saturday, she opened up her notebook to find a full page of questions!! So we tried as hard as we could to answer them all, but only got through about 10 when we ran out of time. A theme I seemed to notice amongst all those questions is that for one to find out the truth of our message for themselves, they need to read the Book of Mormon, attend church, and pray to the Lord asking with faith and real intent.
Another cool teaching experience was with a woman named Yesenia. She has one boy about 9 months old, and she's a single mom. So we got talking with her about the purpose of life, and how she thinks that God made us and put us here for us to enjoy life, and that one shouldn't get too caught up in religion or things of that type. While my companion and her went back and forth for about 15 minutes, I just soaked in every word and then it was my turn to speak. I said something along the lines of this. "We've got to know that everything is made with a purpose. My shoe right here was made to be a shoe. If I try to use it as a glove, I'm gonna pee my pants. So everything was made in the Wisdom of the one who knows all. And in his word, we find what he made us for. He told us his purpose and our purpose. If your son leaves the house when he's 16 to get a job or something, you're probably going to give him some tips about how to survive out there. Don't go and shoot anyone, don't eat too much McDonalds, don't stay out too late, etc. Because you know more than him. That's how God is. He knows us perfectly, and for what purpose we were made. Now it's our job to find out and fulfill that purpose."
I've got to give credits for the shoe/glove metaphor to my past companion, Elder Anglin.
But yeah.. my time has run out. I hope you're all well and settling in school, fall, or whatever is new in your life. Be sure to include your heavenly Father in every aspect of your life, and you'll be blessed.
Con Amor, 
Elder Horton

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Alright, ladies and Gents. Transfer facts are in. Can I get a drum roll please!
*drum roll*
Elder Horton is... staying in Cerritos 2D! and his companion Elder Diaz is.... staying in Cerritos 2D! We're gonna go a second transfer together and we're excited. We're very determined that we are going to baptize an investigator this transfer. Whether it be Lupita and her family, Diana/Armando/Erick, or Carlitos! Or, who knows? Maybe we'll find one the Lord has prepared, and be able to baptize them. All in the Lord's infinite wisdom and timing.
The second big news of this week is that Elder Diaz had his birthday this last Friday. Because he's been in this area for so long, a lot of the Hermanas knew and tried to do something nice for him. So we spent a lot of time eating specially-made-dishes for him and lots of cake from Northgate market. It was such a fun time to celebrate him and his 20th birthday. And then, we were right back into the work.
Well despite all our efforts and all the promises made to us, 0 of our investigators attended church. That's right, a big ol' goose egg. Which put me into a little rut. But it's hard to stay down with all the blessings the Lord is sending me for my work! I just have to realize things like that happen at times, and we have to roll with the punches. Pick ourselves up and brush the dirt from your pants and move on! That's how life is sometimes.
Last thing today. On Saturday, I was able to go on exchanges with my District Leader! Well as it so happens, my District Leader is Elder Ramirez, the very man who trained me! My first companion in the field. So it was awesome to be companions with him once again, almost a year later. I got to realize how much I have changed and grown as a missionary and as a person. I definitely have a much better grasp on the mission language, and I feel older and more mature. But don't worry. For those who know me well, I'm still the good ol' me ;)
Alright well I believe that's all for this week. There's not much to update you on this week as far as those we are working with so I'll just leave it there. Thanks for all your support, love, and prayers. May the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you all.
Con Amor,
Elder Horton


cake #1, 2, and 3

the one picture I have with Elder Diaz on his b-day

Cake #1

Cake #2

Cake #3

Monday, September 4, 2017


So apparently we had a heat wave down here... I just thought that's how things were going to be from here on out but I'm so pleased to hear it will get better. This week we had 3 or 4 days hovering around 100 degrees or higher. Now don't get me wrong, I know I don't have the worst of it. But it has still been uncomfortably hot here in Norwalk/Cerritos/Artesia/Hawaiian Gardens!
With that out of the way? Hello how are all of you?
Great to hear! I'm the same!
But in truth it was a fantastic week! We saw the progression of our investigators, and we found some interesting new investigators. 
We had a very good lesson with Lupita and her kids to teach the importance of baptism. They told us they were told they don't have a very good grasp on the significance of baptism, so we were able to prepare some very good scriptures and sit down with them to help them understand more what they'll be doing. Lupita agreed, and will progress towards, the 24th of this month as a baptismal date. The only thing is she needs to come to church! She came 4 weeks ago, but hasn't been since. That's a problem we're trying to deal with. Sometimes her husband won't let them go so we fasted for his heart to be softened to our message, and the church in general.
Diana, Armando, and Erick are all doing super well. They opened up to us this last Monday night and let us know they weren't very comfortable with being baptized so soon. They wanted to learn more, which is always perfectly okay. So we set a new goal with them, after much pondering and prayer, for the 8th of October. We want to go over more often to help them progress more to baptism!
Carlitos is doing so well. He just started school and is having a little tough time learning, but his mom is helping him out. His father, who was hesitant about baptizing Carlitos, had an interview with the bishop. We have yet to hear the results, but we're assuming all went well and he's feeling a little better about this coming Sunday as his baptism.
That's really all I have to talk about, as this week wasn't the most eventful. Haha but I hope these pictures make up for it!  
Elder Horton



we had 15 minutes of a solid rain!




F.A.I.L ;P

Monday, August 28, 2017


Yes, my friends you read it right. This coming week, Elder Horton hits the big speed bump. His 1 year. Still not sure what I'm going to do to celebrate, but Thursday will be legendary.
With that out of the way, Hello! How are you all doing? I realize you can't immediately answer that question so it's kind of dumb that I ask that. But hey, it's a missionary tradition.
This week I truly saw the Lord's hand in the work! We found some people along the way to teach, and a lot of these people seem to have been prepared by the Lord to recieve his Gospel. In total, me and my companion found 9 investigators, exceeding our goal of 8. Most of these people seem ready. Quite ironically, one of these sisters we found (named Elena) told us later this same week that her husband doesn't want her listening to us. Soo that was actually a very quick encounter with the missionaries. We gave her a Book of Mormon, and encouraged her to read it, beginning with the Introduction.
We had the opportunity to offer a lot of service this week, as well! It's kind of funny. Always, as missionaries we ask someone if there's anything we can do for them. This opens up a lot of opportunities to serve but people so often say no. But this week, we did! The first thing we did was on Friday. We went and helped an hermana build a bed frame with some wood she bought from home Depot. It was fun, and afterwards she fed us some elotes! The second service opportunity was for a family moving apartments. Well it wasn't the most fun thing to do, considering the family is pretty young. So my companion and I were moving all the heavy stuff down the stairs from their second floor apartment and in to a u-haul truck. We were able to fit all the furniture from their apartment into the truck. Thank heavens I played tetris before the mission!
Thursday we had Zone conference, with another zone. For the whole 7 hours, all we talked about was the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is the true key to conversion. It testifies of Jesus Christ. for almost 200 years, people have tried their hardest to negate the Book of Mormon. But every accusation made has an answer. I know in my heart, the Spirit has made it manifest to me, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It was revealed through a prophet of God in these latter days. I still find comfort in the fact that Joseph Smith endured so many persecutions, trials, and even death, to stand up for a book which truly testifies of Jesus Christ and his mission. Joseph was willing to DIE for this book. I fully believe he knew it was the word of God. If it was some dumb book he just made up out of the blue, he surely would not have died to protect it.
Anyways that's about all I have for this week. It wasn't very eventful but this week should be big. Love you all, stay safe this week.
"Read the book of Mormon erry day." -Elder Hancey
Con Amor,
Elder Horton

1 picture for you all today... a very dark, blurry picture of some cool sunglasses I found in a member's home last night.

Monday, August 21, 2017


Hi guys! I apologize for the lack of time these past weeks. But I have had a request that I write my weekly email earlier so I have more time. So yes, I have PLENTY of time ;)
I hope this email finds you all cooling down from the hot weather you've had. Did you all see the solar eclipse? Cool huh?
This past week, and these past few weeks, have been very good. I've seen plenty of success in this new area I'm in. There are some areas where we work with plenty of hispanics to teach. A lot of these have been prepared by the Lord as well to receive Christ in their lives, so it's a pleasure to work with them. 
My companion, Elder Diaz, is quite the guy. We get along very well! He's a jokester and makes the work a lot of fun for me. We work hard, and when the time comes we play hard. He's also a very good teacher! As missionaries, we are encouraged to teach simply as if we were teaching children. Some of the concepts we teach are tough to understand and for that we must simplify it. Elder Diaz is very good at that!
The weather here in Norwalk/Cerritos/Hawaiian Gardens is very good. It's still hot and humid, but it's seemed to cool off a little and seems like the sun is giving us a break from the triple digits. We also are in a car with A/C which helps!
Probably the biggest event this week was exchanges. I was with Elder Lee, who's one transfer younger than me in the mission. It was cool to see how he's grown since I saw him come in my first transfer!
So let me update you all on my investigators in this new area. We have the R*** family, consisting of the mother, L****, and her kids M*****, A****, D****, and C****. They love us as missionaries and have been looking for a church for a while. They embrace the Gospel and try to live the teachings of Jesus Christ as we teach. L***'s husband, W*****, is the only problem! He's got a pretty hard heart towards religion. And we almost never get the chance to talk to him, because whenever he's home he goes and hides from us. But we pray and pray his heart will be softened. With some very good planning, perhaps secretive planning with L**** to find this guy at home alone, we can help L**** and her kids progress quicker towards the waters of baptism.
Then, we have D****, A****, and E****. D**** (16) and E**** (11) are brother and sister. A**** is D****'s boyfriend who comes to visit, from 2 hours away biking. He stays there for the weekend, (when we teach them) and goes home for a couple days. He's already graduated from High School and soon to start college. They're very nice people and attended church for the second time yesterday. They're progressing well and we have planned for them to be baptized the 3rd of September!
C**** is a 9 year old kid of a family returning to activity. He wants to be baptized and he's learned almost everything! We are just waiting for the father to be ready to baptize his child. His faith is not very big and he's hesitant to baptize his child.
Anyways this email has dragged on and on and on. I hope you're all now well-informed about the life of Elder Horton. I'm doing well! Also I have lots of pictures
Con Amor, 
Elder Horton


Jus Chillin

We are trolls

I hear a who...

Terrible attempt at taking a picture of the eclipse

Monday, August 14, 2017


I apologize everyone for the shortness of this email! I took too much time emailing my mother...
Just know I survived this week without getting in another car crash this week.
I'm alive and that's all that matters.
Cool moment of the week: I saw a man leaning up against a wall, and kinda staring at us. People do that all the time, so it didn't trip me up! But, as soon as I waved at him, he turned an walked away quickly. My companion then revealed to me that the man was peeing on the wall. Welp, welcome to California!
Con Amor,

Elder Horton

PS - More from Elder Horton's email to mom and dad...

Hello! Well, a little about Elder Diaz. He went to Snow Canyon, just like Jacob (Ryan's cousin). He used to ride a motorcycle before the mission. He's really super chill, already fluent in Spanish, and a cool guy. He's a joker for sure so we have a fun time with each other. 
I'm judging my hump day as the official year mark August 31st.  BUT, 1 year from today I'll be home. Crazzzy to think.

It's been pretty cold too for us. It felt cold for me the other night, then I got in the car and saw it was 72 degrees... Oh no.. 

The investigators are doing well. This new area is hopping. It's the standard to get 2 investigators to church every week, and these last 2 Sundays we have had 6 then 5. This is awesome because church attendance is the most important thing for an investigator, and often the hardest thing for them to keep. Our investigators are:
The R*** family. L***, and her kids. They are 4 in all. The father almost seems scared of us. Anytime we come over, he runs away into his room. He lets us come over and tells his wife "Haz lo que tu quieres!" or "do what you want!". So she comes to church with her kids. We are trying to work on him. We hope he will let his wife and kids be baptized, simply because the church respects the authority of the head of household. They are on baptismal date for the 27th. On track, too.
D***, A***, and E***.-  D*** and E*** are siblings and live in Hawaiian Gardens. (Where we do a lot of work). A***** lives 45 minutes away in Pamona, and he comes over and lives with them on weekends. He is D****'s boyfriend. Every Saturday we teach them and they love it. They came to church last Sunday for the first time. Too late, they couldn't see the sacrament passed. But next week for sure. They were on Baptismal date for the 20th, but it will have to change now, as an investigator must attend church 3 times before they can be baptized.
C***, who is the 9 year old kid of a family returning to activity. We taught him, and he could be baptized any time. we have set a date for the 26th, and God Willing we can get him there.
B*** is what we call an "eternigator or eternal investigator". People are eternigators for many reasons. What it means is the missionaries have taught them for an unreasonable amount of time without them being baptized. Many people are eternigators for a myriad of reasons. Normally, it's that they don't want to keep commitments or that they have one big thing holding them back from baptism they haven't revealed yet. In Bill's case, the obstacle is the parents. He's 15 and it requires the permission of his parents for baptism. Well, they think he's too young to make a decision like that and therefore won't allow it. We are going to work with him to make a plan to show his parents how badly he wants to be baptized.
Well those are the main ones we're working with. There are many,many others. About 40 investigators we have. But these are they who are progressing the most.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Alright folks, this is the run down for this week.
Sorry I don't have too much time because I tend to leave writing my weekly email until the last minute.
1. Yes, we got in another car accident. No, it was not the same car/companion/area. Yes, it was also a rear-ending. But this time, to make a difference, the lady who rear-ended us was frazzled. She immediately told us not to call the cops, as she doesn't have a license or insurance, and that she would have to pay us out of her pocket. After we were able to get some basic information from her, (AKA personal information and car information) she sped off because "she couldn't trust us". Well, I believe of the two missionaries versus the lady who's driving without a license or insurance, who's the one who really isn't to trust? Oh well. We called the police and got a report filed. It's all good. Welcome to California.
2. I'm in my new area, with my new companion, Elder Diaz. I'm still in the same ward just jumped to the area which is across the street. 
I'm out of time, sorry guys. Have a great week!

Elder Horton

PS from Ryan's mom - Here's a little more from Ryan that he sent to Mom and Dad...

Obviously I'm in a new area with a new companion. My new area seems to have sooo many members, that we eat with a member almost every night. It's pretty fun, and so I'm not cooking as much anymore haha. It helps save a little money.

We had a bomb week, with lots of people at church.

Yes, same ward. different area. I still get to see all the members at church.
The move went smoothly. I still live in the same complex, so the good thing is I didn't have to pack any clothes into suitcases, we just took a couple trips with all my stuff from one apartment to the other.
The ward is divided into 4 areas, the areas look long and skinny from north to south. My area, since the stake is pretty circular, looks like a big D. It's a pretty big area, and we do a lot of our work in the southern area in a city called Hawaiian Gardens.

Elder Horton finds his peace through music. As missionaries we have little DVD players, where we can plug in a USB. I have peaceful piano music, General conference music, and talks, and more. Sometimes the life of a missionary can be stressful but we have plenty of time to sit down, rest, and think about the Savior. I find a lot of peace knowing that the Lord is in every aspect of our lives and that we need not fear, but to simply trust in him. If something happens, or doesn't happen, we know it's the Lord's will and he knows what's best for us in order for us to grow and become like him.

Yeah, I'm still running. But my companion likes to use the restroom in the morning, #2, so by the time we get out the door, to run to the track nearby, we don't have too much time left. we run there, then I usually do a mix of run/walk for 3 laps or so, depending on how I feel, and we get back to the apartment. So not too much running. We run every other day. The days in between we work out in the apartment. I still think 6:30 right when I wake up is too early.


Elder Horton at his prime

Don't ask

Elder Diaz and I

Damage to the car

Monday, July 31, 2017


Hi everyone! Sorry I'm short on time today, so I'll give you the condensed version of everything I would like to say.
First off, I hit my 11 month mark today. Flipping crazy, I know. I'm about to hit the year. No, it's doesn't feel like it if you were wondering! Time just whooshes by on the mission!
Second, transfers are tomorrow. I got the call last night! After one transfer in this area, I'm being transferred! Super different. However I'm not going far. Just a different area in the same ward here. I'm going to my 5th area here on the mission, which if you're wondering, is super rare. My new companion is named Elder Diaz. He's from St. George, Utah. He's been here for a while and we have been able to become friends over the last transfer. There's a lot of good work going on in this new area and I'm super excited to jump right on in.
Also, we got rear-ended this week. Nothing really bad (or so it appears), but it's just a lot of business, forms, and calls that take time away from the work. It made us feel a little better that the lady who hit us, (who was looking down at her phone) was willing to hear us out! It's awesome!
That's about it. Right now I have to go email my mission president and i'm off, for the rest of P-day. Enjoy your week, everyone. I love you all! Keep cool!
Elder Horton

found a lizard. Teeny little guy

 tag picture

Monday, July 24, 2017


Hi guys, this last week was quite the week for Elder Horton. Still a boring (for you guys) missionary week, but a lot of cool things happened on my side of the barn.
First off! Before church yesterday, my companion and I traveled into the trailer park to invite our less-active to church. Her son was there, completely plastered drunk, and smoking a cigarette. After he gave my companion a big ol' hug and kissing him on the forehead, I got worried. But in his broken drunk Spanish, he introduced himself to me and gave me a bear hug. We shared a short scripture with him, and then on the way out another big drunk hug. At which point, I guess he felt comfortable enough with me to kiss me on my forehead and send us out with a "les amo". So yeah.. adventurous.
Next up, happy 24th of July/Pioneer's day to you all. If you ask me if they celebrate it in California, I would say Yes! Absolutely! The stake held an activity at which there was free breakfast, stick pulls, snow-cones, dancing and all kinds of fun for the members of the stake. The whole time, the missionaries of the stake were giving out church tours. Considering the amount of non-members there, it was a fantastic opportunity to introduce them to the church and the Gospel. What better way to help someone come to the Lord than showing his house? So yes, that was awesome. I will include a video of the two biggest guys in our Zone doing a stick pull. The Spanish Elder won! yay!
Also we got a District picture of all the Spanish Elders, and a couple English sisters decided to get in there. haha.
Well for all those considering leaving on a mission, just know you're going to have some serious downs. Those don't matter, as much as how you bounce back from them. For example, on Thurday and Friday my companion and I had 8 appointments fall through. By the time the 8th fell, we were pretty disappointed. But we were with a member who was going to accompany us. We all went into the chapel, read out of 3 Nephi 18, and he gave his most powerful testimony. That will do it!
Anyways, sorry I'm out of time. I've got lots of pictures this week.

Elder Horton

Biking exchange! yeehaw!

Investigators galore!

Spanish district

drug bust?

my view right now


Stick pull with the two biggest elders.

Monday, July 17, 2017


Hola todos! How are you all doing? I hear the weather has been a little nicer to everyone, so that makes for a more fun summer.
I'm doing well here, about as much as you should expect from a missionary...
So in Spanish, people often use the word "fresca" (fresh) to describe the weather. It means not too hot, but not too cold, and okay to spend a lot of time outside. Well where I'm serving now, most of the people speak fluent Spanish with OK English. However the problem is, "fresh" doesn't directly translate! So often the people stay "It's fresh" that I've gotten used to it. It's pretty funny. Laugh!
Thursday we had our Zone Conference. Sometimes I don't like Zone Conferences, because they go from 9am-4pm. That's 7 hours of sitting and listening, with a little lunch break in-between. But this time was a little different. My companion is a Zone Leader so we had to go early to set everything up. At the beginning, I didn't really go in with the heart to learn something from this meeting. But eventually things warmed up, the Spirit touched my heart, and I was able to learn a lot. We focused a lot on helping people come to church, helping them as they prepare for their baptisms, and aligning ourselves with our purpose. Very good conference, and it's always a pleasure to hear from our mission president. His counsel and words are very wise.
Speaking of our purpose, I don't know if a lot of you know our purpose. It is "invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored Gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end." Or, in short, "Teach Repentance, Baptize converts"
Becoming a missionary is learning to align yourself with that purpose, and understanding the great responsibility we have as disciples of Christ to bring his Gospel to all the world. People may try to drag us down, Satan can throw temptations and obstacles in our path, but "no unhallowed hand will stop the work of the Lord from moving forward." We already know who's going to win the fight here. There will be, and already have been, a lot of casualties. But the ultimate victory will go to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The only question we must ask ourselves is if we are on his team.
Saturday we had the awesome opportunity to help out at a wedding. This was for a Return missionary who served his mission here, came back, and married one of the girls he baptized. For a while in this stake after his mission, he was the Ward Mission Leader. So all the missionaries call him "Papi". He asked us to help serve food at his wedding, and we happily agreed. This wedding was so big, they had to buy 70 Walmart chickens. Seventy. We gladly helped prepare the food on plates and sent them out to the gym where the tables were. It was a great experience to see him married, and I think all the missionaries there were a little jealous, and thinking about what they may do after the mission *wink wink*
Anyways I'm having a great time here. I love you all and I hope your weeks go well.
Con Amor, 
Elder Horton

Monday, July 10, 2017


I guess I'm going to join on the bandwagon of the rest of the Elders and wish you all a happy 4th of July. Do they go crazy here in California? Why of course, yes they do. Tuesday night as my companion and I were trying to contact some of our investigators, we were walking down the street while every other house was setting off legal and illegal fireworks, some off the top of a ladder so they can see it better. All the while the police were busting people for using illegal fireworks. Nonetheless, it was quite a sight to see.
At the end of the night my companion and I were able to sit down in our second-floor apartment and enjoy the fireworks instead of trying to avoid them. It was quite a sight to see! I hope you were all safe and no one did anything too stupid.
AS for the missionary work! this week, Elder Anglin and I tried to contact every single one of our investigators. Every day. having a lot of investigators, that was tough. We tried to either pass by, send a text, call them, or have someone talk to them for us. The purpose? We wanted to help them gain desires to come to church. It worked! We had 3 investigators at church even though it was looking pretty gloomy Sunday morning and like no one would show up. Blessings, brothers and sisters!
That just about sums up my week. Sorry for the short email, but I have lots of pictures to make up for last weeks lack and the lack of content today. Enjoy my smiling face!
Con Amor,

Elder Horton

Elder Anglin and I BOSSES in the car.

Try #1 for that same picture.

If you ever find yourself at a crossroad...

la luna

Cerritos college

Monday's activity with the missionaries at the park

Monday, July 3, 2017


Good morning/afternoon my friends and family! I hope this last week has been awesome for you.
In the life of Elder Horton, all is well.
I'm just working hard in the Lord's work, thrusting my sickle, and trying my best to reap the harvest.
So the 4th of July is going to be awesome. The Zone Leaders have planned an activity for today for the whole zone to hang out and play sports in the park, while we grill hamburgers and hot dogs. It should be super fun!
But the funny thing about fireworks out here... For some reason I guess people couldn't wait until the 4th of July to send off their fireworks. Ever since the 1st of July they've been going off all day. Morning, Afternoon, night, you name it. You can count on hearing a "Bang" every 30 minutes or so. I'm not sure which fireworks are legal and which aren't, but there's a lot that are shooting into the sky. Some are even so powerful that when they blow up in the sky, the shockwave sets off a few car alarms. Super funny, but I still haven't learned to discern a firework bang from a gunshot. So yeah.
We have been working with a few investigators. One's name is Vick. He's about 20, speaks both English and Spanish, and questions EVERYTHING. He even questions the way he questions things sometimes! Lessons with him easily go an hour or more. Preach My Gospel says, "sometimes people will intellectually question what you teach, but it's hard to question a heartfelt, sincere testimony." Well, we've born testimony to him, he's felt the confirming witness that the Book of Mormon is true, but he still second guesses all that. He's not hesitant or anything, just a really intelligent guy who's a little confused.
We're working with a family named la familia Lopez. Just like the Ambrosio family in my last area, the mother and kids love us, but the father wants nothing to do with us. He even hid from us when we knocked his door on Saturday! But not to worry, it's a work in progress. We fasted for him and we're going to see where this goes.
We just have so many investigators that it would be too much to tell you guys about all of them but those are the ones we have been working the most with. This last week we found 7 investigators which is extremely good. Almost double the standard! We hope some of these people are prepared by the Lord to be baptized in this next month.
AAAANYWAYS! I hope you all are having fun. Have a safe 4th of July, don't blow up anyone (or anything that's not a firework) and stay safe.
Con amor,

Elder Horton

Sorry, I didn't take any pictures this week... Next week for sure

PS from Ryan's mom - Here's a picture of Ryan and his buddies before they all left on missions.

Monday, June 26, 2017


Hola amigos, this is Elder Horton once again, hailing from the 2nd floor of the Cerritos Library, on one of the more-than-70 computers.
This week has been absolutely crazy. As my companion is a Zone Leader, we have been to and fro, dealing with a lot of business. However that hasn't stopped the work. Elder Horton has been busy learning his new area which includes Norwalk and Lakewood. I've also been a little taken aback by the amount of work in this area. I've had to learn a lot of names, which results with losing a lot of names from my old area. Such is the life of a missionary.
There are some significant changes from down in Long Beach to up here in Cerritos. First off is the weather. We're hitting a constant 95 in the mid day, and increasing every day. Before, I was able to have the ocean breeze cool me off 10 degrees cooler. Also, there's a lot more members in this Ward I'm serving in. It's crazy! however, as far as missionary work goes, there's a lot less Hispanics here. There are more full houses, and less apartments. A lot of Hispanics down here aren't able to find a good secure job, because, well, they're not legal. but with a more secure job you can make more money and live in a house. Kind of twisted logic, and Elder Horton is even boring himself.
Also apparently Elder Horton has started talking about himself in the third person. What a weirdo ;P
Fun story!
Elder Anglin and I were walking down the street, and tried to contact a man who was just about to light up his blunt of Mary Jane. As we got talking, he told us he's a Christian and believes in Jesus. Somehow we got on the subject of his blunt and he told us this. "This is natural. It comes out of the ground, just like tomatoes. Except you eat tomatoes, but you don't eat this. I smoke this."
Elder Anglin and I got a little bit down the road and just burst out laughing. People here are fun to talk with.
That's about it. Sorry for the short email, but I promise more cool stuff next week.
Con Amor,

Elder Horton

Elder Anglin and I


The Franco Family

The unbeatable trio

The Quintanilla family

The Camarena family

Mi casa es su casa

Monday, June 19, 2017


Brothers, sisters, animals, and cats of every kind! How are you!?
I'm great, thanks for asking.
First order of business. Elder Horton is back in a trio for 3 days! This last Saturday, an Elder in our district went home early. So for the second time here in Long Beach, I am in a trio for a short time before the transfer date. This one has lasted for 3 days. Our tag-along buddy is named Elder Kimball. He was in the MTC with me, and so we had a fun time fooling around and working hard. He's a fantastic missionary, and has been called to be District Leader this coming transfer in the Ximeno district.
Next order of business! Transfer facts are in, and I will be transferring to the Cerritos stake. My next companion is Elder Anglin who's a Zone Leader. I don't know much about him, neither do you! I'll let you know next week. Of course I'm sad to not stay here with my good friend Elder Wallis. We have worked so hard, gotten along, and increased our investigator pool so much. It's going to hurt a little bit to know I can't help these people progress more to baptism, but I have faith in Elder Wallis to help these people with his new companion. Meanwhile, I have business the Lord needs me to do in Cerritos.
There are many opportunities for growing in this next area where I will serve! I'm going to a strong ward, with many members who are willing to help us in the missionary work. I'm hoping they are as willing as the branch I'm in. We have so few members to help us here, and a lot of them are busy. However they are so willing to help when they can. Also I have an opportunity to learn from this new companion. He's a strong missionary, and a great guy from what I've heard. 
I'm sure after 6 months here, I have forgotten a little about how to change. Same area, same people. I hope I can remember and embrace this new change with new missionaries, new working area, new members to meet, and new everything virtually! As I submit my will to the Lord's, who wants me to work here for the next little while, I know I will be blessed.
This can apply to all of you! You all are facing a little more change than missionaries. School, friends, family, job, etc. If you learn to embrace and love change, things will go so much better for you. "Fighting the system" is not good. It is change that helps us adapt so new situations, grows us spiritually and mentally, and can often stretch us into the person our Heavenly Father wants us to become. Please, everyone learn what kind of changes the Lord is placing into your life and try your best to embrace it. You will be blessed beyond belief.

Red Robin

People park this close in Cali on a regular basis... so do we

Wallis's drawing

Elder Wallis eating candy like always

Haciendo la obra

Monday, June 12, 2017


Hello folks! It's shoutout time!
First. S/o to Elder Bison Hancey who leaves for the MTC this Wednesday to learn Mandarin to go to Canada. He's joining the force and we're all so happy for him.
Second. S/o to my recently-released Stake President Russ Nielson for serving so honorably in his calling and for dealing with Pre-mission Elder Horton.
Third. I know this is a little late, but S/o to all those of you who graduated. You did it.
Well this week was a rollercoaster that didn't stop going up. Last Monday night, we went to an investigator's house to find her father, Nacho, there visiting from Mexico. He was open to listen to our message so we taught it. He heard us out and loved everything. He's catholic by tradition, but had never gone to church nor prayed. He needed God, and that's exactly what we gave him. It was an incredible experience as we taught this man how to pray and committed him to be baptized on the 24th of June, the day before he goes home. Sadly, they didn't show up to church so they will not be able to meet the requirement of 3 weeks church attendance before he can be baptized. However we will continue to teach him and his family, increase his faith in Christ, and prepare him for baptism so the missionaries at his home in Mexico can baptize him.
Also throughout the week we found 6 new investigators and had 4 investigators at church. That's absolutely incredible if you're not familiar with the norm here. They have a "standard of excellence" which we met for the first time this transfer. And honestly, it felt extremely satisfying as a missionary to see the fruits of my labors. We are truly working to bring souls unto Christ.
I made a stir-fry this week. I burned my finger, and I burned the vegetables a little, but it turned out awesome! I felt like a real chef cutting up vegetables and chicken and cooking them on our stove. It was really tasty, too.
That's about all from the life of Elder Horton. A lot of missionary work here. Transfer calls are this week, so I will be learning whether or not I will stay for a 5th transfer here in Long Beach East. I really do hope I'll be staying, because Elder Wallis and I are just getting started! We've really found a groove for when we teach, we get along super well, and we're just seeing a lot of results from our work. But if I am transferred, I will serve happily in the new place I go to. It will be sad to leave this beautiful branch with all the great members and leadership. BUT let's just see!
I hope you're all doing well. Send me an email with how you're doing on a scale of 1-10 mentally, physically, and spiritually. And as always, let me know if there's anything I can do or help with you! I'll do anything I can in my power.
Quick spiritual thought: An investigator of mine mentioned to us that it's even a blessing that we have food on our plates and a place to live. Seems simple, yet it's so profound. I'm not sure I could imagine my life if the Lord didn't bless me with the things I take for granted every day. I'm so blessed to be a missionary and spread the word of the Lord. This week, I saw the Lord work miracles through me. I'm just a tool! I may not be very sharp but he uses me. I hope we all take a minute to sit down and think how blessed we are, with each little thing we have. I'm blessed to be here in a library with as much time as I want, to email my family, sitting on a chair and gah... everything's a blessing. We need to thank the Lord a lot more.
Anyways, sorry for rambling. Love you all.

Elder Horton

Happy Guy!

Selfie-deserved stir-fry

The view from Signal Hill, a full 300 degrees of that!

The famous Elder Wallis with a chicken.  Welcome to Long Beach!