Monday, June 18, 2018


I thank my Bolivian buddy Elder Stewart for lending me his cold weather for a couple of days. We have had a good spurt of 70 degree weather with some light rain. 
We've also had a spurt of success, so I appreciate all the prayers from you wonderful people! I can truly say I felt the power of those prayers and I'm not sure this work would go anywhere if it wasn't for all the people around the world praying for the missionaries.
About 2 weeks ago we met a man named Daniel. He seemed very interested on first contact. We gave him a few scriptures to read over text, and got a return appointment. In that return appointment, we taught him more about the Book of Mormon through the Restoration and invited him to be baptized on the 8th of July. He's one of those people the Lord has prepared.
Other sad news, Maria Z. (the one who believed the Book of Mormon is true before we met her) has seemed to cut all ties with us the missionaries. We visit and call multiple times a week and nothing... Even when she's home she won't come out to meet us! Jeffery R. Holland has said that he believes that us as missionaries, in order to understand something of the price that has been paid by Christ, we may have to feel some of that burden ourselves. This includes shedding one of the small tears he shed. When I think of Maria, I shed a small tear.
But, the Lord's work always moves on.
I also want to give a shoutout to Elder Curtis Larsen and Elder Reid Puzey who have recently finished their missions. Well done boys! (And to sister Sydney Lewis, who is close.)
Elder Price and I have recently started to work more through the members of the church. We all know that missionary work goes faster and more efficient when all of you, as members, take an active part in the missionary work. We all have desires, it's simply that some of us just don't know how. Maybe you have a friend you want to share the gospel with, but you're nervous. If that's the case, reach out to the local missionaries and they can help you. I encourage you all (especially the youth) to begin helping the Lord's work move forward by speaking with the missionaries and asking how you can help.
This is the Lord's work. This is the true church. Anyone who wants to know that can read, ponder, and pray about the Book of Mormon. That is our evidence. Don't believe me? READ THE BOOK.
Con Amor,
Elder Horton

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Monday, June 11, 2018


Hola y'all!
Well I've had an interesting week.
I know we all have times in our lives when we feel the Lord is truly testing us. We go through trials, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but feel like that light doesn't get any bigger. It can often feel like we are trudging through the pits of life, and we wonder, "how can God be the cause of all this?" I still wonder that sometimes. We met a lady named Marcela yesterday who felt the same way. She has been going through some hard trials for the past 15/20 years. She has a terrible memory, and barely remembers her name. Her family doesn't let her leave her house for fear that she will get lost. She felt desperate while talking to us. In that moment, I felt a little what she felt. Desperation, because sometimes no matter what you do things can't get better. But a firm testimony in Jesus Christ helps me to get out of situations and "funks" of thought just like that! I felt the power of my testimony as I bore it to her about God's plan for us. I bear that same testimony to you all! God has a plan for us personally, and together for all of us as his children. I know that. It includes trials and difficulties as well as joys and successes. Let's not forget that we are here on this earth to learn and grow. Tests will always be the constant, and the variable will be how we react to each tests the Lord sends our way.
What trials are you going through personally, where you ask why God has sent you this? I invite you to look at the purpose of this life as contained in Alma 34:32 and consider how that certain trial will help you arrive there. Sorry I don't have a lot to report on this week, but have a good week and I will talk to y'all next Monday!
Con Amor,
Elder Horton

Monday, June 4, 2018


Hello families and friends! So happy to be writing you all once again!
So this week has been very good. We have seen a lot more success than recently. Let me tell you a little about the people we are working with.
Maria Z is someone found by other Elders and referred to us. Upon further meeting and talking with her, we found out that she had previously been taught by missionaries. She has her own Book of Mormon, and ever since they stopped visiting her 2 years ago she has continued reading it. She finds it clearer than the Bible and believes it's true. Yesterday she came to church for the first time! She loved it! We are so excited to help her progress to her baptismal date on the 17th.
we have Angie as well. She's 9 years old and is part of a family where some are members. She has a desire to be baptized, and so she is also preparing herself to be baptized on the 17th. That should be a big day, if all goes well.
We also have a nice lady named Ana. She was a referral from her brother in Utah. We have been able to speak with her a little and she is interested in the message we have to share. She spoke to her brother and he encouraged her to hear us out. It should be interesting to see what she says the next time we visit.
Another man we are teaching is named Jose. Our first visit with him, when we were teaching the Restoration he broke down in tears. He's searching for something more in his life. Happy for him, the Gospel of Jesus Christ can fill that hole.
I know this is the work of the Lord and that he is at the helm. Wherever we are, I know he guides this work to bring to pass Salvation for all those who hear his voice and the voice of his servants. Even though my time is short here in the California Long Beach mission, I'm learning every day. I know Jesus is my Savior, I know the Bible and Book of Mormon are true, I know that this life is short and very important. So go out and make the best of it you can!
Con Amor,
Elder Horton

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Monday, May 28, 2018


Hey family and friends! This week seemed super short because of all the crazy stuff that happened this week.
To start off with, we have 5 Elders living in our 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. There's a small influx of missionaries and not enough apartments, so we are hosting a trio of missionaries. One of that trio is a missionary who comes from Nicaragua! Yep. He's part of the evacuation of missionaries from Nicaragua because of the political issues there. So we don't know for how long, but he's with us. 5 missionaries in one apartment can feel quite like a party.
We have been working hard to find those the Lord has prepared to accept the Restored Gospel and be baptized. We found a nice guy named Rigo. He's been graduated from 1 year and seems really open to our message. We look forward to the future with him!
I can't think of a whole lot else. I know this church is true! The Lord is my light, and I know he will light the way. But we have to open our eyes and let him guide us. Until next week!
Con Amor,
Elder Horton

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Monday, May 21, 2018


Hey friends and family! If you couldn't already tell from my title, I'll be staying here in Pico Rivera. And so will my comp Elder Price. We'll be spending a third transfer together! It will be an interesting experience for us, since neither of us have spent this long in any certain area nor spent 3 transfers with a companion.
This last Sunday, we had the baptism of a girl named Tiffany! She's 9 years old and her family is active in the church. She just simply didn't want to be baptized until now. So, now that she is 9 we came and taught and baptized her. She was super excited, but nervous.
Sorry we don't have a lot of time today. We spent a solid 3 hours cleaning an apartment where Elders were living to prepare it for sisters. We are doing well and are excited for the transfer coming up. I'll send pictures!
Con amor,
Elder Horton

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We serve at a place called IFC

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Monday, May 14, 2018


Hola todos! Feliz día de las madres a todas las madres al rededor del mundo.
This week, just as the last few weeks have, flew by. There was a lot of anticipation for the mothers day call, as you all can imagine.
Elder Price and I have been working hard to find our next "Golden person", the one who has been prepared by the Lord to be baptized. We have also been working hard to invite more of the people we are working with to be baptized and make that promise to God to serve him. Let me tell you all about M****.
M**** was contacted by some other missionaries doing yard work. They offered to help, but she declined, saying she didn't want them to get their nice clothes dirty. But she agreed for them to send us by. We came by with normal clothes a few days later, and she was happy to let us help! So as we worked in her yard, we talked. We talked about her family, our families, what we do as missionaries, etc. What we didn't know previously and found out through this conversation is that she was taught by missionaries 1 or 2 years ago. They gave her a Book of Mormon, and she never saw them again. Since that day, she has been reading the Book of Mormon every night before she goes to sleep. She loves it and finds it clearer than the Bible. She knows we were sent by God to her. What. A. Miracle!
We also have found some others who seem to be interested. We set baptismal dates with 2 other people we are working with. We hope they are able to progress to that date and enter the waters of baptism!
I'm not sure what else to talk about... Thanks for all your support. In case you're wondering, I have 3 months left. AHHHHH
Con Amor,
Elder Horton

My comp is feeling much better...

Monday, May 7, 2018


Hola familia y amigos! Qué tal?
It has been quite the week. We have been all around the zone, gone to the hospital, gotten wet in the baptismal font, and took a trip down to Cerritos, my last zone! Let me tell you all about it.
Monday after P-day, D***** was invited to a Family Home Evening with a family way out of our area! But, in the name of repentance, we biked our hineys the 30 minutes uphill to get there and enjoy a great lesson. We talked about forgiveness and had some donuts from the corner store.
Tuesday I was on exchanges in our area with Elder Chambers. He's in training, but he's a really good missionary! He's also incredibly talented. Before the mission, he played for the youth US. National soccer team, and had many colleges looking at him. He's one of those guys who is automatically good at most things he does. He will go far in his mission.
Thursday we had a Zone Conference. We got to travel down to Cerritos, where I was serving before. So there were some familiar faces. We talked about baptism, the Book of Mormon, a lots of other good stuff that will help me to be a better missionary. 
So my companion has been feeling a certain pain in his stomach for about a week now. We went from thinking it was food poisoning to soreness, from stomach flu to maybe a virus. We went to the urgent care Friday. They couldn't tell him exactly what it was, but gave him a prescription for 2 possibilities and instructed him to visit the ER if symptoms don't improve. So prayers out to Elder Price por favor!
Since that urgent care visit, we have spent quite a bit of time staying in the apartment because he hasn't felt well enough to leave.
I saved the best for last. D****** was baptized! WHOOO! It was a fantastic service. This month of waiting since she pushed her baptismal date back has felt long. But she made it. She was baptized. I had the privilege of baptizing her. It has been one of the biggest blessings, coming to know her and watch her change and repent. She will be a strong member of the church because she is converted. I'll attach pictures.
Well she was baptized Saturday and the day after, she was confirmed by Elder Price. That was also good.
Well real quickly I want to bear my testimony. I was going to yesterday, but too many people got up before me and there was no time left. This is the Church of Jesus Christ. This is the church and gospel which he established while he was on the earth, now restored through a prophet. We have all the authority and priesthood needed to perform the ordinances that will lead us to eternal life. I know that. I know it through the Book of Mormon. Brothers and sisters. If any of you are in doubt or wandering, read the Book of Mormon. It was written by ancient prophets for our day. It contains guidance for us in our lives. Most importantly, it is the evidence that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that through him, the Church of Jesus Christ was restored. Please read it. It will help you grow closer to Christ and our father in Heaven more than any other book. I leave you all my love. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Elder Horton