Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Hello everyone! What a pleasure it is to write you! 
It might come as a surprise that I am writing on a Tuesday. We had the opportunity to go to the temple, which us out of the mission. We only get to go every 6 months. So it is a fantastic opportunity. But since it is so far away, we have to change our p-day to the day we go to the temple. If any of you feel that you should be partaking of the blessings of the temple more often, I recommend that you go. Going to the temple brings a certain sense of peace, love, and a hightened perspective on life.
We also had the chance to go with D*** to the Los Angeles temple visitors center this Sunday. It was so much fun! We were able to help her learn about the work we do there, and to do it in an interactive way. Afterwards, we took a tour around the temple and took some pictures. I will send those pictures. Also, D*** pushed her baptismal date up to be baptized the 5th of May. She is very excited and a little nervous.
It has been really warm recently, and so being on bike has been good/bad. Good, because I'm getting tan and getting excersize! Bad, because... well it's HOT. I need to get accustomed to it again. Que me echen porra.
Not sure what else to say, and it's getting late. So I'll leave it at that. I'll give you all a lot of pictures so they speak a thousand words.
Con Amor,

Elder Horton

Monday, April 16, 2018


Hello family and friends, I can't believe P-day snuck around the corner again, and I'm here writing home again. Time needs to slow the heck dooowwwwnnnn.
So this week we had another baptism! Her name is D***. She's 11 years old, she's super smart, loves to play around, and asks the deepest and most profound questions when we are teaching her. Most of her family are members, and her dad was able to baptize her. What an awesome opportunity! She was actually taught about 5 months ago by another companionship of Elders. But her family suddenly picked up and moved to Connecticut. Buuuttt, they didn't stay too long. And when she came back, she wanted to be baptized again. She is way awesome.
As my title mentions, we are back on the bike life! There is a companionship of missionaries who needs it way more than us, so we let them have it. I'm already getting really tan! Well... missionary tan. Arms and face. That's it. But it has been HOT this last week. I think Pico Rivera tried to skip Spring and went straight to summer! Oh my goodness. But now, it's cooling down. Thank heavens! 
Another note: people are way more calm drivers here than in my last area. We don't get in as many near-accidents. So for all of you concerned about my safety, there you go 👍👍
Here's a fun experience for you all. Hope you enjoy!
So we were looking for a potential named P***. We knocked on the door, to have a lady named R*** tell us he's changing and we can wait if we want to. So after waiting 15/20 minutes, he comes and stands in the doorway with a beer can in his hand. In his backyard was playing music. While talking with him, a good song comes on. I tell him I like the song, and so he brings us into his backyard where he has family. He turns the music up 100%, to the level where we cannot even hear each other speak. He starts dancing and tells us it's his birthday. He grabs a can of beer and offers it to us, then hands us water when we say no. If this moment wasn't awkward enough, there's a baby in a stroller in front of the speaker... so things start to calm down real quick. He lowers the music, we sit down, and start to talk about the Gospel a little bit. We start talking and he likes what we're saying about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but finally the rest of his family shows up with the 30 pack of Bud-Light and we figure that's our sign to leave. So we picked up and headed out.
I think that's about it for you all. It's been a week of bikes, sweat, and blood! Have a good week all!
Con Amor,
Elder Horton


Que la muerda!

Basic Hispanic meal

Monday, April 9, 2018


Hey all! I hope this last week was good, as was mine!
The biggest announcement is transfers. Drum roll.....
I'm staying! and my companion is staying! This means a lot for me, because this will be my first "white" companion I have who I'm spending more than 1 transfer with, and this is my first area where I am spending more than 3 transfers. My mission has been pretty crazy up to this point, but now I can cool down and work hard.
As I mentioned in the title, we have seen some miracles lately. In what form did these small miracles come? In the form of new people to teach. But not just that. Let me explain.
This last Thursday, my companion and I decided to try praying more than normal. Every time we were about to leave the car, we said a quick prayer, asking the Lord to help. Thursday, we left the apartment at 6 for the last 3 hours of proselyting time. For each person we went by, we asked the Lord for his help. In those 3 hours, we ended up finding 4 new people to teach. That's miraculous. It's been done before, but the level at which these people seemed to be prepared for the Gospel is fantastic. We look forward to working with these people in the future. Along that same train of thought, anytime throughout the rest of the week that we prayed before we left the car, something great happened. It's meant to be. "ask, and ye shall receive."
We also had the opportunity to offer a lot of service this past week. Once to our recent convert family who rents out chairs, tables, and party supplies. Any time these chairs come back from a party, they must be washed before they can be loaned out again. So to show this family we love them and to save them some time and money? We washed these chairs. It was interesting, and something different. They appreciated it so much. We also helped another recent convert in our area to pull some boxes out of her storage unit. But these boxes were tucked away near the back of it. So 3 mattresses, 20 boxes, a piece of furniture, and many random items later, we had what she wanted and were able to put everything back in the unit. All in all, it took about 3 hours when we planned it to take 1.5. So yep.
Now I'm not going to lie. This week also had it's downs. Saturday, we knocked so many doors and got a lot of rejection. I was quite down. It took a lot of faith to go out and do the Lord's work. But we have to take the bad days, as well as the good days. That's how it is.
I'll leave it with that. It's been a very good week in the vineyard of the Lord. I'm just working away! I hope you guys have a good week, stay out of the heat, and enjoy Spring!
Con Amor, 
Elder Horton

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Hello all! This past week has been a very inspiring one with all the talks we heard from Conference! I hope you were all inspired as much as I was. We heard many inspired messages. One thing that impressed me is that each of the members in the first presidency got up and spoke about recieving personal revelation. Coincidence? I think not!
On Friday I went on exchanges with the companion of my district leader, Elder Chambers. He is 5 weeks out from the MTC but he is such a great missionary and has lots of great ideas. It was awesome to work with him.
My week: very good! we had interviews with President, so I got some good guidance and council for my investigators. I told you about the 3 dinners we had yesterday. So I'l give more detail. The first was with D and fam. They invited us to the Sunday afternoon session of conference, and told us they would feed us too. We assumed this meant during, before, or right after. Nope. They finally had the food ready around 4:30. Then, we went to dinner at 5:30. It actually ended up being ready around 6. So we ate until 7 and they gave us dessert. This member loves to give us a TON to eat, and tells us multiple times throughout the meal to keep eating. He always gives us great food and vegetables. Oh vegetables. Mexicans don't make a lot of those. Then, our last dinner was at 7. We got there around 7:30. I was full, but ate the whole plate. I was full, to say the least. It felt like Thanksgiving 2016.

Conference: One of the biggest impressions I came away with is the enthusiasm of President Nelson. The priesthood session was powerful, with the hymn we sang. I was able to watch 6 of the 10 hours in Spanish. And though I understand about 95% of it, it is more tough to take notes because I lose the train of thought I had. It's okay, though! all inspiring. They also use very big and educated words. It can be tough sometimes. I felt bad for my comp. It seemed like he really had a struggle understanding, because he took so very little notes in the Spanish compared to English. Also, it was a pleasure to participate in solemn assembly. I don't remember doing that when I was 10.

The rest of this week wasn't too eventful. Just a big buildup to General Conference.
Have a great week all!
Con Amor,
Elder Horton

Doorbell in the middle of a door...

Monday, March 26, 2018


Hi all! Great to write you again!
So I've had a problem with my email today, so I don't have a lot of time to email you all.
This week was a decent week! It had its major ups and downs, which even out to a decent week. Heres the run down.
This Sunday the J family was confirmed. After the 3 hour block, we had a little 30 minute service for their daughter who leaves on her mission this Tuesday. Her parents were able to bear their testimonies to almost the whole ward about their decision to be baptized and feelings about their daughter going on her mission.
A downside is that finding was really slow. It was tough to find new investigators will all the time that we spent visiting people. They seemed a lot more closed off than normal! But we still found a decent amount of people to teach, despite the lack of time.
D is still looking great to be baptized on the 8th of April. We are working very hard with her.
I went on an exchange with my District Leader Elder Fonseca this last week and we had a great time. Exchanges are always a day to learn from leaders and the skills of other missionaries.
That's about it. Have a great week! A scripture that one Elder shared with me is Ether 14:18. Check it out.
Con Amor,
Elder Horton

Garden of Eatin'

Monday, March 19, 2018

#apologies/baptism #Lloviznando

Hi friends and family! I send my apoligies for not sending my weekly to you all last week. I wasn't aware that I didn't send it until I checked my email this morning and my mom informed me. Que pena. Ni modo! I'll attach that email to this one, and you can read in my voice for double the time!
The biggest news this week is that the Jimenez family was baptized, or at leas the Mom, Dad, and little brother. The 2 sisters are already baptized, and one of them is actually leaving on her mission in a week! I'll attach pictures. It was a fantastic baptismal service. The mom of this family has been attending church for the past couple of years, and she finally decided to be baptized. So a lot of members of the ward showed up to support her. We filled the whole room with chairs, and there were STILL not enough seats for everyone to sit! A lot of missionaries gave up their seats for members to enjoy the service and were standing. But anyways, it was a really great baptismal service. It was awesome to see the J family taking that step toward their Heavenly Father.
That's about all I have to talk about this week. I hope the pictures make up for the lack of excitement in this email. I'm having a great time out her in the big LB!
con Amor,
Elder Horton

Friends and family! How are you all doing?
I've been great. Pico Rivera is treating me well. Most importantly, Elder Price and I have seen a lot of progress in the work here, thanks to our obedience and hard work.
For those who don't speak Spanish, the word lloviznar (yo-vee-snar) means to sprinkle. There has been a lot of sprinkling lately here in SoCal. The past 2 weekends have been cloudy with scattered rains. It's been awesome for the people down here. They need it. But people don't know how to drive in rain.
My companion and I, since we both want to improve our Spanish, have started speaking pure Spanish 4 of the 7 days in the week. It really helps. I'm starting to get an idea of how my friends in South America feel. It must have been tough those first couple of months. But I'm learning so much, and realizing now how much improvement I need to do with my Spanish.
The J family are still looking good to be baptized this coming Sunday. In fact, another hermana decided to join them. So there will be a baptism of 4 on this 18th! It's really great to see the work in this ward and in Pico Rivera picking up. I know the Lord is working miracles here.
I'm not sure if I told you guys about our friend named D. She's living here for a short time, and staying with her aunt and uncle who are members of our church. We are working with her a little to see how interested she is, and it turns out she is very interested! She is reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it's true.
On a spiritual note, this week I have been humbled by the Lord a lot. As I studied more about Christlike attributes, I realized how much more I need to work on developing the attributes of Christ. I prayed for humility, Charity, and Patience. Quick tip for you guys. If you pray for patience, get ready to have your patience grow and tested. Mine was. I'm working on being humble and for having Charity for all those who live in my area.
Con Amor,
Elder Horton

My comp and I in the rain!

Alma Family services (read the Book of Mormon peeps ;)

A new little puppy that a member family has!

The white Christmas came a little late!

The J family, Elder Price and Myself

Monday, March 5, 2018


Hello family! This week's hashtag goes out to my new companion, Elder Price. He's from Dublin Ohio, he's 19 years old, has been on his mission 8 months, and it's been a ball this week!
Not much really has happened this week. Of couse we had transfers, though! Elder Price comes from the other part of Pico Rivera. 
We have had a good week of my companion getting to know the members and investigators in the area.
The J family is doing really great! We had a lesson with them on Thursday night, where Hermana J received her answer. As we were teaching the Restoration, her husband kept on bringing up arguments against our church, not believing what we were teaching, etc. While Hermana was trying to convince him of the truth of the Restoration, the Spirit touched her and testified of the truth of what we were talking about. They committed to be baptized on the 18th and confirmed the following Sunday,  the 25th of the his month.
We have also found a lot of new people who are interested in the message and who we are excited to work with. One of those is a girl named D. She moved from Mexico recently into the household of one of our members, the O Family. She has been to church twice now and she seems very interested.
Dangit... it appears I have run out of time. Thanks everyone for your love! Take care and make this the best week of your life!