Monday, April 24, 2017


Hello family and friends. I have only a couple of minutes because I forgot to send a weekly to you all. Sorry about that, I was preoccupied with my family, ha!
This week was rather uneventful! We were working with our investigator, Kevin, to get him baptized this Sunday as we had planned. However, sadly he could not come to church so we had to push his baptismal date until this coming Sunday. Hopefully next Monday I have some more exciting news.
I have a simple message today about gratitude. We held a family home evening with a family who sometimes has troubles getting along. They are sometimes rude to each other, and were even being rude when we walked in. We sat down with them, shared scriptures about gratitude, and then went around in a circle while each person expressed gratitude to every other person in the circle. It was very powerful, and the spirit was able to abide there.
True to the Faith gives a great definition of Gratitude. I encourage you all to go read it. I have noticed this far in my mission that it's hard for people to be happy when they are ungrateful for what they have. I have seen a lot of people complain and complain about the unfortunate things that happen here, or that we don't have certain things. It creates a spirit of hatred, where the spirit of the Lord cannot reside in such temples. If we are simply grateful for the things the Lord has given us, and we recognize the blessings we have, it's so much easier to be happy in our lives. Please pray that the Lord will help you see ways to be grateful.
Con Amor,
Elder Horton

Food drive (With Elder G)

Laundromat costs 25 cents for the bathroom.  uhh... awkward

Monday, April 17, 2017


Hello Everyone I hope you all had a happy Easter. I hope the subject line doesn't sound like I'm counting down or anything. I'm having an absolute great time here and staying focused on the work.
Anyways, the internet is playing games with us here. I was barely able to write my mission president so this email may be short, as I'm short on time.
First off the most exciting thing of this week: Our investigator, named Kevin, came to church. I am pretty sure I told you about him. He's not working, nor does he have a car. So when we couldn't find a ride for him to church, we came and walked with him to church from his house. Also, he didn't have any church clothes. So, I let him borrow a suit of mine! He looked awesome! I am including a picture of him. 
My companion and I had a good Easter. We were invited to a member's home for dinner. I also got an Easter package with some fun Bunny ears. Haha enjoy that picture and do with it what you may.
...That's about it. All I can remember, at least. have a good week and I love you all.

Happy Easter

Our investigator - Kevin sporting my suit!

Goodwill find ;)

Monday, April 10, 2017


So I didn't know what to put in my subject line so I'll just put that... I am 222 days in as of 2 days ago so yeah!
Hello friends and family, I hope you're all well. I heard that the valley got a little snow over spring break! How was that?
The elementary kids are on spring break for 3 weeks down here for some reason, and the high school kids get 6 days off. This Friday, and the whole next week.
There's not too much to tell about this week, except that it was a bomb week for the missionary work! We found an awesome new family to teach, but one of our investigators on a baptismal date, and had some unexpected visitors at church! But before I get into that, let me tell you about the exchange I had on Saturday.
So our new district leader is on bike! So for exchanges he asked me if I could ride my own bike and give his a break. I happily agreed and it was a great day. But it's been a long time since I rode my own bike. My butt hurt a lot that night. It made me so grateful to have a car. So grateful. I won't take that for granted ever again.
So as for this week! Our new investigator named Kevin is an 18 year old in high school. He recently moved from Honduras and doesn't speak English so it's tough for him in school where they don't speak any Spanish to him. But when we teach him he's like a dry sponge. He soaks up everything we learn and basically teaches it right back to us! We invited him to be baptized, and to pray about that decision. We put him on a baptismal date for April 23rd which will have to be pushed back because he was unable to attend church.
So about this new family we found. While me and my companion were walking down the street, we saw a house with a bunch of Easter decorations so we decided to knock. They happily accepted the message we shared, which was the new Easter video the church released. They invited us back to talk a little more. Turns out, they are actually former investigators! They are very catholic and love their church but they are also open to learn about other churches. We are going to see how it goes teaching them the lessons.
So about our church experience! We invited Kevin, who was unable to come. Our main investigators, the Ambrosio family, are usually picked up by an hermana in the ward who decided not to pick them up that day. So, I was pretty sad, thinking we wouldn't have any investigators at church. However as I walked into class the second hour, I was surprised to see one of our investigators there! It's a mother and a daughter, named Bessy and Sophia. Bessy brought her sister, as well as her daughter and her daughter's son. It was quite a good time getting to know them. Turns out they don't live in our area so we won't teach them.
Anyways this is a long email but I have a couple more things to say. These past couple of weeks I have been giving more of an effort to be exactly obedient to the mission rules, and as you guys can see it's blessing our work. I testify of obedience to you guys. Be obedient to the commandments of the Lord, and he will see that and bless your life. Those blessings may come in different ways you can't imagine but they will nevertheless be blessings. Don't forget trials are blessings too. They give us a chance to rely on God. Helaman 12:3
Lastly! If any of you have not seen the new Easter video released by the church, go watch it now. It's a short 3 minutes and I would prefer you watch it than read the rest of my email. It's a beautiful video about Christ, what he did, and how it can affect us. I love to share it with people on the street, in their homes, or wherever! It's found on
Anyways I love you all. Thanks for sending your love/

Elder Horton

Cool Sign

Long Beach Sunset

Ocean Blvd

Long Beach Sunset

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Hello all my friends and family!
Thank you for all your letters of support and love this week. I felt it all in the work.
This week was very successful in the work. Our few investigators are progressing very well. Sadly, all of them were too busy to be able to see General Conference and hear the word of the Lord but we will continue to testify to them of living prophets.
This week has flown by, and I realized I am now in the second week of my 5th transfer in the field. Oh, how time flies by! 
You may all be wondering why I am emailing on a Tuesday, and that's because we got to go to the temple today. When we have the opportunity to go to the temple, we have to change our P-day accordingly. So I went to the temple this morning. We woke up at 3:30 and there was a member so nice and willing to meet us at 4am to drive us to the temple with his van. So, yes I'm pretty dang tired. But the work will go on nevertheless. I just need a nap first.
The temple was such a nourishing experience. When you spend 5 months as a missionary without being able to go to a temple, you tend to take that experience for granted. I soaked in every word, especially since I have learned so much from other missionaries about the temple.
Yes, General Conference was this last weekend and I realize I am probably the last email you are reading from a missionary who saw and loved Conference. I absolutely loved Jeffery R. Holland's talk. When I get the chance, I am going to go back and read and watch it.
Well I gotta get going. My companion has a haircut appointment soon and then we will probably go take another nap. Love you all, thank you for your prayers!
Con Amor,
Elder Horton
PS sorry no pictures today. I don't have any way to upload them!

Message from Mom:
Ryan's Grandpa Horton passed away Thursday morning this past week.  We were able to speak with Ryan on the phone for about 10 minutes on Thursday.  He took the news well and  prays that his Grandpa Horton will be by his side the rest of his mission.  We believe in life after death and that we will all be reunited after death.

LA Temple

Dinner with the branch between conference sessions

LA Temple


With the Cambodian Elders

Tesla dealership