Monday, April 24, 2017


Hello family and friends. I have only a couple of minutes because I forgot to send a weekly to you all. Sorry about that, I was preoccupied with my family, ha!
This week was rather uneventful! We were working with our investigator, Kevin, to get him baptized this Sunday as we had planned. However, sadly he could not come to church so we had to push his baptismal date until this coming Sunday. Hopefully next Monday I have some more exciting news.
I have a simple message today about gratitude. We held a family home evening with a family who sometimes has troubles getting along. They are sometimes rude to each other, and were even being rude when we walked in. We sat down with them, shared scriptures about gratitude, and then went around in a circle while each person expressed gratitude to every other person in the circle. It was very powerful, and the spirit was able to abide there.
True to the Faith gives a great definition of Gratitude. I encourage you all to go read it. I have noticed this far in my mission that it's hard for people to be happy when they are ungrateful for what they have. I have seen a lot of people complain and complain about the unfortunate things that happen here, or that we don't have certain things. It creates a spirit of hatred, where the spirit of the Lord cannot reside in such temples. If we are simply grateful for the things the Lord has given us, and we recognize the blessings we have, it's so much easier to be happy in our lives. Please pray that the Lord will help you see ways to be grateful.
Con Amor,
Elder Horton

Food drive (With Elder G)

Laundromat costs 25 cents for the bathroom.  uhh... awkward

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