Monday, May 1, 2017


Hello my friends and family. Today is my 8 month mark! All I can think is that I get all the time I just used, again. Twice. I am so happy I get to serve for a lot longer and bring more souls to Christ.
This week... uhm... went by pretty quick. Sad news, Kevin was unable to be baptized this Sunday. He recently got a job who didn't let him Sunday off. So, he could not attend Sacrament meeting nor his baptism which we scheduled for the 30th. My companion and I were super sad, especially considering we held a special fast for him this Wednesday.
His job also disallows us from seeing him every day, as we previously were doing! He goes straight to work after school and works until 10pm or 12am. But we had a great miracle. Friday night we found ourselves short on time to visit all the people we had to visit. As I pulled over on the street to park, my comp said "I wonder if we can find Kevin right now..." So we drove to his house. To our surprise, we found Kevin outside talking to his family in Honduras on his phone. We decided to give him a little time then we could talk to him. That's a true miracle, brothers and sisters! We have been trying our best to be exactly obedient this week and I know that obedience led to blessings. Sadly, he asked us to come back Saturday night and then cancelled on us Saturday night. We are in what feels like a rut. We still have hope he will be baptized this Sunday though! Faith!
I apologize that this is bien corto. I just want you to all know that I love this work. I have come to a new knowledge of obedience, love, gratitude, and my savior as I have served my mission. I see people through a different light now.
My thought today is on humility. I'm sure you can imagine how tough it can be to be put with someone you don't know and be forced to spend 24/7 with them, especially if you come to learn you have a lot of differences. The biggest thing I have seen to help with getting along with your companion is humility. I've been on both sides, when I have been too prideful to change and when I have been humble and submissive, willing to learn. ALWAYS it is better to be humble! My brothers and sisters, if you are humble and willing to learn in any experience you are in, you will be blessed. I see pride tear families apart, and bring sadness and hatred into lives. Truly pride is the universal sin. So many of us are sinning without knowing it!
Below I am attaching a talk given a long time ago, about pride. I encourage you all to take a quick 10 minutes and listen or read it. Focus on what you're doing to be prideful and how you can change it.


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me+Elder Kimball, buddies from the MTC reunited in LBE district!

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