Monday, May 22, 2017


Hello friends and family! Today, I hail from the Orange County Library in Seal Beach, California instead of the normal Family History Center in the Stake Center. This morning was nice and overcast, a cool 68 degrees.
But it wasn't like that the whole week.
FridaySaturday, and Sunday were hot, hot, hot and it seemed to come from nowhere!
Saturday was our busiest, and most successful day of the week which isn't normal. Saturdays are usually when the Hispanics are out running their errands or whatever and no one is home. But this time we has 6 set appointments and we were outside so much. It didn't help that it almost touched 100 degrees with a bolstering sun that day.
Let me tell you a little more about my companion Elder Wallis. Not only is he a really hard worker, but he is all in. He knows how to work efficiently in the field and he is a blessing to this area! He has an older sister on a mission, and a little brother about to leave. Yes, his family will have 3 kids on missions all at the same time. His other sister is getting married, so I can imagine it's a busy time for his parents.
We have met quite a few fun people, as well this week. Some, sadly, won't accept a message, not even a picture of Jesus Christ. But by talking with everyone, we can find those that the Lord has prepared to hear the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
It sounds like you are all doing well, from your emails to me. I will give a quick shoutout to my brother Kyson "Bison" Hancey who gave his farewell talk and enters the MTC in a little less than a month to speak Mandarin in Canada. Who woulda thunk.
Well, It's about that time. Time for you to either go on and read another missionary's weekly email, or go outside for 5 minutes and soak in the sun/clouds/snow depending on whether or not you live in Utah.
Con Amor,
Elder Horton

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