Monday, January 30, 2017


Hola todo mi familia y mis amigos. Como estan?
It's been quite the... dry week. I feel that to be the trend with missionaries this past week. We're all just out here doing the Lord's work, however hard it may be. 
However there is one big thing that happened in the field. If you have already read another missionary's email, I apologize for the repetition. 
We had a Worlwide missionary broadcast from Salt Lake city. It was sort of a "sit-in" on a meeting for the executive missionary council. They spent a good hour talking about how we can more successfully fulfill our purpose "teach repentance, baptize converts". It was very good and I took plenty of notes. But that's not what was the most exciting part. They changed the missionary schedule! Now don't go crazy... The changes aren't drastic. We still wake up at 6:30, workout and do studies. However after personal study and everything is over at 10am, we are instructed to go out into the field and predicar el evangelio. Instead of Language and Companion study being 2 hours more in the morning, we are asked to do them in the day when we have time. I find that it works best with me and my companion around Lunchtime. They shortened Lunch and companion study to 30 minutes each. This gives us a lot more time in the field. We still come back to our houses at 9pm and get ready for bed. They are now allowing us to go to bed an hour earlier, at 9:30! What an inspired revelation from the apostles! They realize some missionaries need more sleep than others (AKA me).
Also... I gave myself a haircut this week. I found some blades and all the attachments under our bathroom sink, left by some elder who went home. Well, they're mine now! I stood in front of the mirror in what is now my bathroom, and cut my own hair. I did a pretty good job, I must say! Not a disaster! It doesn't look much different from what I had before, since I was a little hesitant and learning, haha. But yes, Elder Horton cut his own hair.
Another thing I learned. I must be very articulate when telling my name to new people. On two seperate occasions now, one has asked me my name, to which I responded "Elder Horton" in my best spanish accent so they could understand. They responded back with "Elder Joto??" and for my Spanish-speaking friends out there... I hope you are laughing.
As for our investigators, not much has happened. We scheduled a church tour with Russel and Digna on Friday. Me and Elder Keeler showed up early to clean the church and tidy it up a little. Little did we know, that due to the rains last Sunday, the church had flooded in certain parts. We had hired a company to come and clean it up, and they were there doing there thing with loud fans, and vacuums. Entonces, we went to Russel and Digna's house and had a good lesson.  They informed us they were in a bit of a bad emotional state, due to Digna's brother being shot and killed in Honduras. He was a pastor, and I know it will be well with him in the end. But they were very sad and they are working  to earn enough money to bring their family from Honduras to here. The conditions over there are bad. Pray for them!
Welll... I think that's it. Thanks for all your prayers! Have a great week!

Elder Horton


Car fun

Car fun

Chinese New Year

The fresh cut

Monday, January 23, 2017


Hello Friends and family~~ I hope all is well with the snow, or rain, or sun. Wherever you are...

This week for Elder Horton and Elder Keeler was great! Finally, we begin to see a few fruits of our labors. Since the transfer started 3 weeks ago we have been working so hard, going by former investigators and Less-actives to help conversion. This last week, we decided we were getting a little bored of that and tried some other forms of finding people, including referrals. We have seen the fruits of our labors in forms of new investigators, more lessons taught, and a general happy spiritual feeling among ourselves.
However, the biggest event of this week is what was #Loco. We recieved a call from our Zone Leaders Saturday morning. We were aware of some Elders moving in the apartment next to ours, but the ZL's informed us we would be moving as well. So.. with a few more calls to clear up things, we began packing our clothes and food to take to our next apartment. The only bad thing about this move is our new apartment is 10 minutes outside of our area so we have to make that 10 minute trip 2-4 times a day! Other than that, all is well. The new apartment has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I get my own bathroom but we as missionaries need to sleep in the same room. So, the other bedroom is our study room.
Leaving behind my old apartment meant leaving behind the queen bed I was sleeping in, and the washer/dryer there. Back to paying for laundry again.😭
Let's see... our investigators Russel and Digna are doing well. We were able to meet with Digna this week while Russell was out of the house. We committed Digna to a baptismal date! She's progressing much faster than Russell is. He has too many doubts about the church and we will have to wait a bit longer until we can get him baptized. Meanwhile, Digna soaks up everything we teach her!
We found a nice lady named Silvia this week, who seems to be in her mid 20's. We only taught her a few points but she was a bit distracted. We will visit her later!
We also have talked with a 17 year old guy in high school named Jacob. We will meet him this week and see if he's interested in learning from us.
hmmm.. que otro... I ate some good food this week including frijoles.. They're good! We don't get fed as much in this new area by members as I did in Whittier, but that's okay because it gives me a chance to control what I eat to not get fat. Lol
aaaanyways I hope all of you have a fantastic week!

Elder Horton


weekly planning, where I found a selfie stick

We are now in the cambodians old apartment. This says "the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints" apparently

waiting to e-mail!

Monday, January 16, 2017


Hello family and friends! I hope all is well with the snow, or sun... depending on where you are.
I will jump right into it this week, since I am at a little lack for time.
This Saturday we had a special mission conference. This almost never happens, but the whole entire mission came together into one church. We had a few special visitors to address us. First, we had Elder Ghent from the quorum of the 70. Then, Elder Halstrom of the presidency of the 70. Then, we had JEFFERY R HOLLAND visit our mission and address us in the conference!! Thus, the title "spirit slap". He is always such a powerful speaker. I almost enjoyed getting yelled at by him! He gave a very good message, talking a lot about return missionaries, and how sad it is when return missionaries go less-active. He kinda "threw down". He told us if we ever go inactive or less active after our mission and we see him walking down the street, that we better cross the street so he doesn't have to talk to us. Yeah... He's awesome.
Likewise, I got to shake his hand!! He requested to shake all of our hands. He asked us our name and where we are from. Later when he addressed us, He informed us that he interviewed all of us when he shook our hand. He said "I didn't care about your name or where you're from or any of that. I asked those things so I had plenty of time to look into your eyes. I wanted to stare into your soul."
And boy, did he stare into my soul.
Other than that, there was getting ramped up for the mission conference.
Elder Keeler and I continue to go along Former investigators, hoping that they might still have interest enough to continue to talk with us. We get a lot of no's, which is discouraging. I think we will have to try some other methods of finding people! We also have a lot of less-actives in our area. We are going to work with them to get them back to church!
Yes, this new area provides a lot of opportunities to work hard. The question is, will I? I know that if I, and all of you, work hard in my work and your lives, we are promised great blessings in Doctrine and Covenants Chapter 4.
May God bless you all for your continued faith in Christ. Continue to pray to the father in the name of the son. Continue to pay your tithes, continue to read your scriptures, and for heavens sake hold on to that iron Rod. God loves you and he wants you to talk to him.
With all love,

Elder Horton

Found a selfie stick in my apartment

Washer and Dryer - don't have to pay anymore!

My desk - it's neat for a missionary!

My workout area

Monday, January 9, 2017


HELLO FAMILY and FRIENDS! I hope and pray all continues to be well back in Utah and wherever else all you weirdos are.
As I indicated in my last e-mail, I have been transferred to Long Beach in the branch Ximeno. In my area is the beach, signal hill (for those of you who know what that is), and just a little bit of ghetto. But when I think of Long Beach, this is what I imagined. I'm in paradise!
My new companion is Elder Keeler. He's from st. George, he sings, and we get along just fine! I love that i'm no longer in training and that I get to make decisions as a companion now.
As for the title, a very general saying amongst missionaries here from what I have seen is "freakin carraso!" a quick Spanish lesson... You can add "ita/ito" or "asa/aso" to basically anything to make it sound smaller/gentler or bigger/more astounding. Thus, when a very nice car is seen, carro turns into carraso! the freakin added for emphasis. So, next time you guys see a ferrari in Utah, think of me and say "freakin carraso!"
I'm settling in very well here. We have one investigator who we teach regularly, who is Russel and his wife Digna. They have an autistic 16 year old Israel. I have only taught them once, so I will keep you all updated with them. As for the rest of our time, we spend it trying to find more investigators through visiting former investigators to see if maybe, just maybe it is their time to hear the gospel again.
I like to search for things to make the work fun. The other day as I got out of the car, 2 little black kids asked me "hey, you from church?" to which I responded yes. I then proceeded to pass the ball for them while they took on the roles of recievers and defenders. It was a lot of fun and those little things make my day. I love to plant little seeds like that and place a good image of missionaries in the minds of kids.
Well, other than that this week hasn't been much! I thank you all for being awesome and keeping the faith. This is my 132nd day in the mission, but who's counting? HA! I'm about 1/6th done with my mission, but who's counting? HA! Just kidding, I'm having the time of my life out here. I love you all.

Elder Horton

Pictures: (finally!!!)

Elder Ramirez and I's last picture

example of a freakin carraso

Voss water I got from a less active!

The new squad

Where I ate lunch today...

Me and Sergio last time we saw each other

Monday, January 2, 2017


Hello everyone! I hope you all passed a great New Years and partied a bunch! I, as a missionary, did not party. I went to bed strictly at 10:30 (maybe not exactly ;))
So I don't have much time today! Because yesterday was New Years day, today is a holiday and all the libraries are closed. So, the whole Zone is trying to email in the family history center in the stake center with 9 computers. I will keep this brief
the biggest news of all! Transfer facts came in last night, and I'm being transferred! I am going to Long Beach East zone, to the branch named Ximeno.  I am going to dearly miss the missionaries and the members in the Whittier zone, and the La Esparanza ward. But likewise I'm eager to move on, get a new companion, and learn even more. I am told my new companion is named Elder Keeler, and that he's awesome. That's all I know, and I will for sure keep you all updated next week!
I don't have pictures today, sorry! I didn't have too many pictures to begin with.
Once again, I thank you all for the love you show me daily and the prayers you offer in my behalf. 
I think that's all. Sorry for the short email. Keep going in the faith. I hope you all have made new year's resolutions to increase your faith daily. I know I have.
"The Lord is my light, then why should I fear?"

PS - pictures stolen from another Elder's mom ;)