Monday, January 16, 2017


Hello family and friends! I hope all is well with the snow, or sun... depending on where you are.
I will jump right into it this week, since I am at a little lack for time.
This Saturday we had a special mission conference. This almost never happens, but the whole entire mission came together into one church. We had a few special visitors to address us. First, we had Elder Ghent from the quorum of the 70. Then, Elder Halstrom of the presidency of the 70. Then, we had JEFFERY R HOLLAND visit our mission and address us in the conference!! Thus, the title "spirit slap". He is always such a powerful speaker. I almost enjoyed getting yelled at by him! He gave a very good message, talking a lot about return missionaries, and how sad it is when return missionaries go less-active. He kinda "threw down". He told us if we ever go inactive or less active after our mission and we see him walking down the street, that we better cross the street so he doesn't have to talk to us. Yeah... He's awesome.
Likewise, I got to shake his hand!! He requested to shake all of our hands. He asked us our name and where we are from. Later when he addressed us, He informed us that he interviewed all of us when he shook our hand. He said "I didn't care about your name or where you're from or any of that. I asked those things so I had plenty of time to look into your eyes. I wanted to stare into your soul."
And boy, did he stare into my soul.
Other than that, there was getting ramped up for the mission conference.
Elder Keeler and I continue to go along Former investigators, hoping that they might still have interest enough to continue to talk with us. We get a lot of no's, which is discouraging. I think we will have to try some other methods of finding people! We also have a lot of less-actives in our area. We are going to work with them to get them back to church!
Yes, this new area provides a lot of opportunities to work hard. The question is, will I? I know that if I, and all of you, work hard in my work and your lives, we are promised great blessings in Doctrine and Covenants Chapter 4.
May God bless you all for your continued faith in Christ. Continue to pray to the father in the name of the son. Continue to pay your tithes, continue to read your scriptures, and for heavens sake hold on to that iron Rod. God loves you and he wants you to talk to him.
With all love,

Elder Horton

Found a selfie stick in my apartment

Washer and Dryer - don't have to pay anymore!

My desk - it's neat for a missionary!

My workout area

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