Monday, January 30, 2017


Hola todo mi familia y mis amigos. Como estan?
It's been quite the... dry week. I feel that to be the trend with missionaries this past week. We're all just out here doing the Lord's work, however hard it may be. 
However there is one big thing that happened in the field. If you have already read another missionary's email, I apologize for the repetition. 
We had a Worlwide missionary broadcast from Salt Lake city. It was sort of a "sit-in" on a meeting for the executive missionary council. They spent a good hour talking about how we can more successfully fulfill our purpose "teach repentance, baptize converts". It was very good and I took plenty of notes. But that's not what was the most exciting part. They changed the missionary schedule! Now don't go crazy... The changes aren't drastic. We still wake up at 6:30, workout and do studies. However after personal study and everything is over at 10am, we are instructed to go out into the field and predicar el evangelio. Instead of Language and Companion study being 2 hours more in the morning, we are asked to do them in the day when we have time. I find that it works best with me and my companion around Lunchtime. They shortened Lunch and companion study to 30 minutes each. This gives us a lot more time in the field. We still come back to our houses at 9pm and get ready for bed. They are now allowing us to go to bed an hour earlier, at 9:30! What an inspired revelation from the apostles! They realize some missionaries need more sleep than others (AKA me).
Also... I gave myself a haircut this week. I found some blades and all the attachments under our bathroom sink, left by some elder who went home. Well, they're mine now! I stood in front of the mirror in what is now my bathroom, and cut my own hair. I did a pretty good job, I must say! Not a disaster! It doesn't look much different from what I had before, since I was a little hesitant and learning, haha. But yes, Elder Horton cut his own hair.
Another thing I learned. I must be very articulate when telling my name to new people. On two seperate occasions now, one has asked me my name, to which I responded "Elder Horton" in my best spanish accent so they could understand. They responded back with "Elder Joto??" and for my Spanish-speaking friends out there... I hope you are laughing.
As for our investigators, not much has happened. We scheduled a church tour with Russel and Digna on Friday. Me and Elder Keeler showed up early to clean the church and tidy it up a little. Little did we know, that due to the rains last Sunday, the church had flooded in certain parts. We had hired a company to come and clean it up, and they were there doing there thing with loud fans, and vacuums. Entonces, we went to Russel and Digna's house and had a good lesson.  They informed us they were in a bit of a bad emotional state, due to Digna's brother being shot and killed in Honduras. He was a pastor, and I know it will be well with him in the end. But they were very sad and they are working  to earn enough money to bring their family from Honduras to here. The conditions over there are bad. Pray for them!
Welll... I think that's it. Thanks for all your prayers! Have a great week!

Elder Horton


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Car fun

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