Monday, February 6, 2017


Well hello family and friends! I hope all is well with your individual lives.
This week was quite crazy. I'll start with the craziest part, and the title line. I am now currently in a trio! No, transfers haven't happened yet. What happened is an elder in our district went home for problems with his health. So, President Patterson  had his companion come with us. So for the next week I am with Elder Keeler and with Elder Urbina, District Leader. So far it's been really fun. Elder Urbina is from Spanish Fork Utah and I am his first companion from Utah, even though he goes home in 4 months. We have a ton of fun together because Elder Urbina is a funny guy. He's originally from Chile so he speaks Spanish. It's very nice to be companions with a fluent Speaker again!
I'm sure you all watched the Superbowl, and I heard it was crazy. Initially we planned to go to a Less-active's house and to watch the second half with them, but when the trio came and the District Leader now as my companion, we decided that wasn't the best thing to do. So as we went out and worked, a member sent us updates via text message! Nice job Patriots coming back!
Later last night we passed by a bar with a few drunk guys hanging out outside, wearing Patriots Jerseys. To one of them I said "How bout them Patriots?" and gave him a fist bump. His friend, obviously a Falcons fan, proceeded to cuss me out. What a night.
Also yesterday we saw two black women arguing in a doorway. When one of them finally decided she was done, she slammed the door on the other. This other woman started banging her fist against the window next to the door and after 3 punches, she was successful in bashing in the glass of the window... With her bare fist. ....Long Beach man...
Church was great yesterday. Many of the youth got up to bear their testimonies. Turns out all the youth in the Stake went and did baptisms on Saturday. It was awesome to see all these youth of the branch get up and bear their testimonies about the church and the truth of it.
Something I have learned is the blessings that come from scripture study. I am really learning how we can apply the scriptures to my own life. I think I have always had the mentality of "well these guys are from so long ago and they're just stories" but I find these tender mercies from the scriptures. They teach me how I can improve the quality of my life. I see how many of these scriptural giants dealt with things. One person I have recently read about is the Sons of Mosiah and Ammon. While Ammon was off converting so many people, his brothers were having less luck. In fact, they were cast into prison. I can compare this to my own life because the California Long Beach mission, especially in the thick of Long Beach, can have much less success than other places, like South America. People just aren't as humble and ready to recieve the gospel. So I looked at how those brothers of Ammon dealt with having such little success while they watched Ammon convert thousands. They simply just went to work and began to convert. As such, that is what I must do.
Anyways, It's been a pretty crazy week. Transfers are this next week, and I should find out if I am staying here in Long Beach or going elsewhere.
Hasta luego,

Elder Horton


the "tri-force" with study desks (2)


breakfast with the ZL's this morning (2)

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