Monday, February 27, 2017


Jello, everyone!

Well this week went by pretty fast and to be honest with you guys not much happened. If you didn't know, my new companion Elder Gutierrez is also the new district leader here. It's awesome to see how he has dealt with all the people in this district, and wow I didn't notice how much every person in the district depends on the district leader here.
AAAnyways, it's quite obvious I don't have much to talk about. Also I forgot to send this weekly email so I am right at the end of my email time here in the Long Beach East Stake family history center. So let me talk a little about the work that is going on here.
Our main investigator is Hermana DeLeon. Her husband, and all the rest of her family are members but she is not a member. She has been meeting with the missionaries for 16 years, so she says. We can only find records dating back to '08. We don't really know the real reason she hasn't been baptized but for that reason we are trying to meet with her often! She's a very nice lady, and she comes to church pretty much every week with her family. 
Lizbeth is a nice single mother who we met and contacted in a complex while we were looking for a former. I felt the spirit tell me to talk to her, while my comp walked right past. She seemed very open to us, and contacted her with the subject of eternal families. She invited us back, and we have taught one lesson with her. Super accepting, super open to hear us.
Some less actives we are working with are the familia Valdez, fam. Cordon, and fam. Camarena. They all have very different stories but we are working with them to get them back to church. Elder Gutierrez understands everything well is centered on Christ. If we gain an understanding of Christ, gain a testimony of him, and learn of him we will want to go to church, take the sacrament, read our scriptures, and pray of our own willingness.
Okay well I think that's all I have for you guys. Keep the faith, stay strong, and I'll see you next week.

I'm still a true miner

I'm eating healthy "eh, what's up doc?"

when it rains a lot...

I don't know...

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