Monday, March 6, 2017


Kids listen up. Stay away from drugs. They ruin lives.
With that gentle reminder in the form of a greeting, Hola mis amigos!
This last week I hit an important milestone. My 6 month mark!! It's weird to think I get to do everything I just did, 3 times again. Also I feel I have some unusually large numbers for these last 6 months. Every missionary who reads this will hate me for a second because I am counting the MTC but bear with me. In these last 6 months I have had 5 different companions, and lived in 6 different spaces. Still 0 baptisms but that will change soon ;P. Count up my apartments, and it's actually 5 but that brings me to my next point...
We are moving this week (again). The apartment we live in is very small, not kept up, and has bad management. Of course us being missionaries we don't like to complain. But Elder Gutierrez saw how bad of an apartment it is and took initiative to change that. So we are moving on Wednesday to a space on PCH! (Pacific coast Highway)
This week went by super fast. By the time it came to Saturday, I was super surprised. Not only the weeks are going by quickly, but this transfer is already halfway over and it flew by. Elder Gutierrez and I are putting in hard work over here in Long Beach. We found 8 investigators this past week, most of those in the form of families. families are golden because we teach how they can be together forever, and who wouldn't want that? Part member families are also super golden because those investigators have an immediate support system while they investigate the Gospel.
In light of that aspect I return to the subject line. Elder Gutierrez and I found on the member list 3 children who are less-active members. Their parents are not members, so we saw that part member family and went to visit them last night. We knocked on the door, behind which we heard music playing. It opened and out walked a man with massive, purple puffed up lips, mumbling in broken-up Spanish but still understandable. Still learning, I thought this man was drunk! He invited us to pass into his house but my wise companion knew better. He kindly rejected this man's consistent invitations, and tried to tell him we will come back later. After 5 minutes and a prayer with this man we walked away. Is it bad that finding people like this is normal on my mission?? Elder Gutierrez was quick to point out to me that man wasn't drunk. (I thought I smelt alcohol) He was high off crack which is way more addicting than marijuana.
Besides that fun story, we come across people multiple times a day who are either mentally ill or high off some drug. I am able to accurately tell the difference from good and bad marijuana by smelling it.
Welcome. To. Southern. California.

zone leader exchange

Cute complex sign

This captures 80% of our apartment

our board

District leader map

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