Monday, February 13, 2017


Hello everyone! It's been a good week as part of this magnificent trio. We have found 4 investigators and I have learned so much. Sadly, we also had to drop Russell and Digna (our main investigator) for lack of progression and ability to attend church for busy lives.
Transfer calls were last night and drum roll.... I am staying in Long Beach East in the Ximeno ward, but going to a different area! Of the trio, Elder Urbina is leaving. He has been in the same area for 11 months. That's crazy long. They are splitting Elder Keeler and I up. Elder Keeler is taking Ximeno A, where he and I were previously working. I am taking over Elder Urbina's area, Ximeno B. My new companion is named Elder Gutierrez.  I don't know too much about him. He's from Costa Rica. I shall let you all know how this goes next week.  I'm willing to bet I will stay with him until he goes home. He has 12 weeks left on his mission.
We also rearranged the areas, based on member concentration so each companionship in the ward has about the same amount of members. Members are verrrry useful in the work. (And it helps that they feed us for dinner)
So we reach the end of the trio life. It was, to say the least, one of the best times of my mission. We were accomplishing a lot of work while at the same time being able to joke around.
As I previously mentioned, we had to drop Russell and Digna. But we picked up a few new investigators. We have one named Ernesto who lives in the same complex. We have taught him one lesson so far, and with the new areas I believe is my only solid investigator.
Uhm.... well this week went by really fast. I'm scared as i'm told it only gets faster. At the end of last month I hit my 5 month mark... 5 months holy cow...
Spanish comes along very well. It was one of my goals this last transfer to really improve my Spanish skills. It was a good thing I was put with Elder Keeler, who only has one more transfer than me. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone this transfer and I'm glad I did it. Even though being in the states makes it harder to learn Spanish, opportunities like this are prime. I did most of the door approaches and tried to speak in Spanish as most as I can. I truly testify of the gift of Tongues. It's not a gift that is sudden and fluent, though that may be some cases. It's a gift that comes with diligent study and prayer. It's a gift that comes as you stay worthy to have the Lord's spirit with you.
I hope you all have a great week, because I know I will too.

Elder Horton in his prime

... Don't ask (the beanie squad)

Elder Keeler sleeping ever so peacefully

Just me being me


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