Monday, January 23, 2017


Hello Friends and family~~ I hope all is well with the snow, or rain, or sun. Wherever you are...

This week for Elder Horton and Elder Keeler was great! Finally, we begin to see a few fruits of our labors. Since the transfer started 3 weeks ago we have been working so hard, going by former investigators and Less-actives to help conversion. This last week, we decided we were getting a little bored of that and tried some other forms of finding people, including referrals. We have seen the fruits of our labors in forms of new investigators, more lessons taught, and a general happy spiritual feeling among ourselves.
However, the biggest event of this week is what was #Loco. We recieved a call from our Zone Leaders Saturday morning. We were aware of some Elders moving in the apartment next to ours, but the ZL's informed us we would be moving as well. So.. with a few more calls to clear up things, we began packing our clothes and food to take to our next apartment. The only bad thing about this move is our new apartment is 10 minutes outside of our area so we have to make that 10 minute trip 2-4 times a day! Other than that, all is well. The new apartment has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I get my own bathroom but we as missionaries need to sleep in the same room. So, the other bedroom is our study room.
Leaving behind my old apartment meant leaving behind the queen bed I was sleeping in, and the washer/dryer there. Back to paying for laundry again.😭
Let's see... our investigators Russel and Digna are doing well. We were able to meet with Digna this week while Russell was out of the house. We committed Digna to a baptismal date! She's progressing much faster than Russell is. He has too many doubts about the church and we will have to wait a bit longer until we can get him baptized. Meanwhile, Digna soaks up everything we teach her!
We found a nice lady named Silvia this week, who seems to be in her mid 20's. We only taught her a few points but she was a bit distracted. We will visit her later!
We also have talked with a 17 year old guy in high school named Jacob. We will meet him this week and see if he's interested in learning from us.
hmmm.. que otro... I ate some good food this week including frijoles.. They're good! We don't get fed as much in this new area by members as I did in Whittier, but that's okay because it gives me a chance to control what I eat to not get fat. Lol
aaaanyways I hope all of you have a fantastic week!

Elder Horton


weekly planning, where I found a selfie stick

We are now in the cambodians old apartment. This says "the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints" apparently

waiting to e-mail!

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