Monday, December 19, 2016


Hello family and friends!
As you are all aware, Christmas time is upon us. Though it is 6 days away, (yes I'm counting) my next p-day wont be until the 26th so now is the time I wish you Feliz Navidad!
This week seemed to go by quickly, as they all seem to do these days. However, that can be a good thing when you're looking forward to something such as Christmas.
Our Zone Conference is this Thursday, and that means my solo is Thursday as well. We have made yet another change as to what I am singing! I'm now singing La Primera Navidad (The First Noel) transposed into a lower key. We've worked long and hard on this, and I hope I don't choke!
We had a large rainstorm pass through Thursday. Unluckily, that was the day me and Elder Ramirez were going to go around and visit some referrals. Little did we know, Elder Ramirez had a hole in the bottom of his shoe and so for the first 5 minutes of walking in the rain it was fun. Fun Fact about Elder Ramirez: When he gets mad, he really gets mad. So, for the next hour of walking around it was constant complaining about his soaking foot and how no one was answering their door and whatever else... Nevertheless it was fun to use my umbrella for the first time in 10 weeks.
We continue to visit Sergio this week. However, his wife is a hardcore Christian, and twice now she has tried to Bible bash with us. Of course, we don't bash but we have a nice discussion so we can keep the spirit there. Both these times I've felt unprepared on that subject so it gives me a good incentive to study well. 
The Medina family is, as my companion puts it, "a waste of time". Time after time we visit them, and time after time they tell us they will attend church. Yesterday, we called them an hour before church and they told us they were coming. We stopped by their house 15 minutes before church to find them still in their pajamas. They will come to ward activities which gives me hope every time. But we get let down so often. Tomorrow we will have a scheduled appointment and we are going to "throw down" on them. Many missionaries know what this is. If you want to know how we throw down, go read chapter 6 of Jacob in the Book of Mormon and i'm sure you can imagine how it goes.
And of course, we had the ward Christmas party Saturday night! It's always a pleasure to sit down and talk with all the ward members and just simply have a good time. They had a pinata, as every good party should. I will include pictures.
Well I happen to be short on time. We still have a lot to accomplish today, including a hike and playing soccer! So, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. While you open your presents, be sure to keep in mind the meaning of CHRISTmas. Love you all!

Elder Horton

The Elfders
Walking in the rain
Cool picture I took
Cool picutre I took
my watch...

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