Monday, December 5, 2016


Hi friends and family!
So... I'm not really sure where this past week went.
However! I want everyone who's reading this to know that I'm having the time of my life out here. I'm learning so much and becoming the person I hope to become.
The first highlight of this week is that my companion got a queen sized bed! a member who is selling their house offered it and we accepted happily. He sleeps in the queen, and I sleep in the two twin beds put together. It's great. We had a little trouble finding a way to fit all 3 of those beds in one room, but we did it. It's a little tight.
We have made quite a point to share the Church's Christmas initiative with everyone we come in contact with. It's called #lighttheworld. I'm sure most of you have heard of it. Every day, the church has a challenge. Each of these challenges enables you to come close to the savior. I am trying to do each of these two. To get started, you can go to and watch the video. Every time I watch it I feel the spirit so strongly. I encourage you all to check it out and work with the Lord to do those things.
Elder Ramirez and I have been working super hard with Sergio. We want to baptize him this month. Every day this past week we went over and taught him. He is doing super well and he attended church this week! That's incredible! If he attends the next 2 sundays and keeps all his commitments and we teach him everything he needs to know, he can be baptized this Christmas day. That would be super cool.
We were going to go to the LA temple visitor's center this last Saturday with the part member family the Medinas, but that ended up falling through. The Medina's are very flakey people and have not kept 9 promises they gave us! But I know the Lord is just testing our patience and we will, as Dory says, "just keep swimming"
Thanks for all your prayers and love in the behalf of me, and all the other missionaries in this world. We all know the truth of the gospel and how it can bless other people's lives. We all love this work.

Elder Horton

Pictures: (from last week, too!)
The thanksgiving turkey bowl
Cool gun a member has
Family home evening with the members the Cruces
Service, helping the Cuppett's build their house!
Cool view from the hike this morning
Getting swole
Jacob Cruces got... a little excited with the Nutella

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