Monday, December 12, 2016


Hello my beautiful friends and family! I hope you are doing well and the gear up for Christmas for all of you is happy and well.
First on my subject line is party! Well.. I attended a party which I thought was a birthday party. Turns out, it was no one's birthday. It was simply a party just to party. Why? Because hispanics love to party. And when they party, they party hard! It was one of the most exciting and happy nights of my life, with lots of good food, and it seemed no drama. Everyone was involved!
SING: I received a call from the sister of a senior couple who works in the mission office. She proceeded to tell me one Elder (who will remain unnamed) told her I have a "beautiful" bass voice, and that I sang in the MTC choir during general conference. She then proceeded to ask me to sing a solo of a song she chose in Zone conference. So.. yeah that happened. We got a pianist, and then practiced away! The song was low... really low. Nothing I couldn't do, but my pianist didn't like it. So we changed! We looked in the hymnbook and thought it would be cool for me to sing a Christmas hymn in Spanish. So, as for now, I am singing "Venid, Adoremos" the Spanish equivalent of "Oh, come all ye Faithful." It's the polar opposite of this other song. It's high, and I can sing it in my chest voice nice and loud. My pianist found another sheet music for another song, so we may use that one instead! We will see and I will for sure keep you all updated.
As for my week and my investigators, it was a less-than-favorable week. Not magnificent, not super bad, but kind of lukewarm. We had a lot of things to keep us sidetracked, like the song I previously mentioned, as well as Elder Shupe (not so Elder anymore) come to visit. However, we look forward to this next week.
Sergio did not attend church yesterday. He understandably didn't get much sleep after working late Saturday night.
We gave our best effort to visit the Medinas every day this week. Only one day were we able to get in. Other times, the Hermano was working or they weren't home. Sad, but hopefully we can see the fruits of our labors. Here's the deal with the Medinas: besides their flakiness, they have a 2 year old ball of energy. When we try and teach, this child is running all around the room trying to distract one of the 3/4 of us. We need to find something to do with that child. We have tried to tell them that if they attend church, their kid will see that's not how you should behave. But they dont come to church. *sigh*
Whittier had a parade on Saturday and all the Elders in our district thought it a great opportunity to go contacting. It turned out to be less of a contacting activity and more enjoying the parade. It was super cool, and I regret not going to as many parades back home.
I think that's it for this week. Everyone keep going well, and keep trying to spread the #lighttheworld initiative.
Los amo,
Elder Horton

Go Utes!


 Cool low-riders in the parade

Dramatic shot of Elder Horton

Elder Ramirez being himself

 In California, after they do tree trimming...

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