Monday, November 28, 2016


Whoa, did this week start out awesome!
Tuesday, we went as a district, in one car, to take an Elder to the airport. On the way back on the freeway, we pulled over to the sound of sirens. Soon as we did that, a red Honda went past us going about 40 MPH, followed by a line of cops. It was a not-so-high speed chase! However, I forgot my camera. I seem to forget my camera at the worst times.
Also, something cool I forgot to include from last week! We had the primary program in our ward. Of course, all the hymns were in Spanish and I only understood a little but it was just the best to see all the kids I know and love up there singing out their little hearts.
THANKSGIVING. That was quite the day! We began the day with the Turkey Bowl the ward put on. However, instead of football it was soccer. That was a really fun time! We played on and off for about 4 hours and ended. A lot of the fathers had to go home to their families and children but when it was done, there were about 10 of us left. We saw another group of about 10 setting up a goal and we decided to go see if they wanted to play. Well, we lost but then again they were fresh and we had all played for 4 hours and were all tired.
All in all, we played soccer for 6 hours and if that wont make you sore, you've got a problem. The next morning was not pleasing!
Well, as a companionship, me and Elder Ramirez were invited to 4 thanksgiving dinners. Back to back. At each dinner, we ate a full plate of food. Can you imagine? It almost hurt by the end of the night. But all in all, there was a lot of good company.
As far as proselyting goes, we had a pretty bad week. We found Sergio drunk twice. One of those times we committed him to a baptismal date. So... I don't think it's real. Also he committed to go to church but he didn't. So.... we're going to have a very fun lesson tonight ;) Also, with the Hernandez family we still find it hard to get into their house to teach. They say they will let us know when we can come by but never do. And every time we pass by they don't have time to talk.
This week me and Elder Ramirez are doing a "finding week". We are going to increase our pool of investigators and find more solid. How, you may ask? We are taking the Area Book and going through past teaching records and investigators who have been dropped. We are going to go by them and see if they are willing to be taught again.
Anyways, sorry for the long email. I hope all continues to be well back home and all of you had a good Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Thanks for the prayers and good wishes.
Signing off,
Elder Horton

Well. this is awkward. I can't get the computer to work with my SD card..
I didn't have too many pictures anyways.
I will send extra next week

PS from mom- this is a picture sent to me from Elder Calvin's mom (Elder Calvin is the other Elder in the picture)

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