Monday, November 7, 2016


IIIIt's Elder Horton once again!
Hello everyone, I hope you are having a beautiful day, and had a beautiful weekend. For sure I did.
First off the title! I titled this blessings for two reasons: 1, I have seen firsthand the blessings from the Lord of those who are obedient and work hard. They are magnificent! When we work hard and we are obedient, we receive more blessings than if we just bum it around all the time. 2, I realized that in the 10 weeks I have been out, I have had the opportunity to participate in 5 priesthood blessings. What a blessing! Ha!
The last blessing I was able to give was yesterday in church. After sacrament meeting, one young woman came up to me and Elder Ramirez and asked if we could give her grandma a blessing.
Sidenote, in the ward I serve, there are 3 mission areas which means we have 6 Elders serving in our ward.
Back to the story. We gathered the 6 elders and the young woman, her grandma, and her grandpa. Long story short, she asked me to give the blessing. Whoaaa did I feel unqualified. I don't know how to give a blessing in Spanish! But the other Elders helped me. I began in Spanish, but finished in English when I didn't know what else I could say. It was veeerrry awesome. An incredible experience.
Also, a fun story from 2 weeks ago. I needed a haircut, and one of the Elders asked me if he could cut my hair. I responded yes, thinking for sure he knows how to cut hair. Well.... he didn't. I was his first. So he tried to cut my hair and when he failed miserably, we went to another elder in my district who knows how to cut hair. We ended up just buzzing it long because it was so bad. Ha, it was such fun.
I realized I haven't told you all much about my companion! His name is Elder Ramirez, and he was born in Argentina. He moved to Virginia in the US when he was 8. he is 11 months into his mission! We have an awesome time together. About half the time we are laughing.
Last p-day we went on a hike to the highest hill in our area and took some awesome pictures. (by the way it's nothing like Utah's mountains and hikes.)
A quick note to end my weekly email. I really love serving a mission. I love this area, the people I am serving, and I love to see the gospel change lives. I am only 2 months into my mission, and I have seen so many things that have changed my life. I know that we have a Heavenly Father on high who cares so much about us. Some people here cannot grasp that simple concept. I know that Jesus Christ suffered for our sins. Through Christ we can overcome sin, challenges, and anything we want. Pray to feel God's love in your life, and he will manifest his love in ways you can't even think of. Just watch him change your life.

Elder Horton

Pictures!(A lot, to make up for last week.)

Getting my hair cut
Golfing with my "fresh cut"
The hike
My comp made me a delicious Chicken Alfredo dinner
Our Halloween costumes
Our bishop, dressed as a bishop
Having a good time by the church
Weekly planning
I made the ward program for yesterday!
Biking on a bridge
Service at IFC(interfaith Food Center) who feed the homeless
Lunch Today

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