Monday, November 14, 2016


Hello friends and family!
I'm grateful I have the opportunity to email all of you once again and read your letters. I hope you are all doing well and that the outside world isn't burning up after the election. (From what I've heard, it might be)
First of all, let me tell you about bacon! We do service every week at a place called IFC (Interfaith Food Center), who feeds the homeless. They get a lot of food donated, and when we go, it is our job to do whatever they need. Including, but not limited to: Unpackaging food, stocking fridges, making care-packages, and talking with people who share a similar belief in Christ. After each service session, the man in charge, Dave, loves to fill up a box with food and send it with the missionaries. He won't let us turn him down. Among the things in this box is a lot of bacon! Well, this bacon stocked up and up and up and we suddenly had so much bacon we couldn't handle it. So I have cooked bacon for breakfast for the last... 5 days. I'm still not sick of it.
I have had a decent week of proselyting. We had a lot of appointments dropped, and so our numbers suffered. Luckily, we have 6 more weeks together to keep going. We have found a lot more investigators since the last time I talked about our investigators. I'm grateful that God is blessing me with his children to teach them.
As for the update on Spanish! it comes slowly... I still struggle to completely understand, while being able to express myself almost completely how I want to. However, during the third hour of church yesterday, I understood the whole lesson! Yay! But when we talk to people in a normal circumstance, well you can forget about it because my conversational Spanish is just bad. haha!
I must mention the weather in my area Whittier. It has been mentioned as "the armpit of the mission" as far as the weather goes. This meaning, it's November and it's still 90 degrees and hot for most of the day. Not fun when I'm biking and walking. But hey, I'm staying tan :)
Something funny in our ward. In La Esparanza, there are 2 families named the Cuessy's. One is the bishop, and the other is the ex-bishop ward mission leader. So, both of them come up in conversation often. Of course, the ex-bishop still keeps the title of bishop. So, we say bishop Cuessy and you don't know which we are talking about. So that's been fun to figure all that out, haha.
I think that may be all I have for you all. Congrats to my buddy Conner Wheaton. Also I hope you all know I appreciate your prayers and love you send me. It means a lot.

Whittier City Hall

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