Tuesday, November 1, 2016


My dearest friends and family!
I title this email #Halloween of course, to wish you all a happy Halloween. Please, all stay safe while you go do hoodrat things. I, of course will not. Missionaries have been instructed to stay in the apartment after 6pm. The reason is so no one can accuse missionaries of doing something that was done by one dressed as a missionary in costume. The mission can simply reply by saying, "all our missionaries were in their apartments after 6pm". So yeah.
Also, we have been told by many that they do not trick-or-treat here. California, man!
This week has been very good for me. I am completely over being sick, my comp is done being sick too, (I may or may not have gotten him sick), and all is well.
This week we were really trying to focus on finding more investigators, which includes going through the area book and finding previous teaching records, and trying to contact referrals given to us. Though it has been hard and we have had a lot of no's, We have also had a bit of success.
My investigators are:
Sergio: alcoholic, but trying to improve. He had a baptism date set with the previous elders in my area, but that did not happen.
Hernandez family: A mom and son, particularly, who are very interested and accepting of the message we have to share
Ralph Ramirez: An old, deaf, illiterate man. Very interesting to teach him, since he has to read lips to understand and my comp does not like to speak slowly.
Yup, that's it. We've had a few people invite us back to teach, but we haven't taught many lessons.
The ward Halloween party in La Esparanza ward was awesome! I love all the members in here, and to see them in an environment outside of church and their homes was very cool. I notice that Hispanics can really get into things and put their whole heart into something they love.
Henceforth, the party really was an awesome time. I will attach pictures.
The weather is awesome! I can wake up and go eat breakfast outside and it's perfect. My mission is the best mission ever.
My apologies, but my time is short. I hope all is well back home. I hope you all continue to grow in faith of our Father in Heaven by praying, reading the scriptures, and attending church. It's so simple, but I remember having a hard time with that before. Just pray for the strength to be able to do it. Our father is a loving father and he so wants to bless us. Sometimes, all we have to do is ask!

*Note from Mom*  Sadly no pictures were attached this week :(

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