Monday, October 24, 2016


Buenas dias everyone! How are you all doing? I love to hear from home, despite my limited computer time. Sorry if I don't email you back one week. Just keep badgering me and yell at me that I didn't email you back.
I'm gonna start off today saying that I'm sorry I am a terrible person and didn't send pictures after my first week in the field. However, I have a lot today.
I'm grateful for all your prayers and support for me in this mission. I can feel a whole ward, family, and friends behind my back, and I am so grateful for everyone's love.
I am in the city of Whittier, California. Very awesome place. There are houses and apartment complexes scattering the streets. A lot of people to teach! In our mission, we don't go door knocking, or "tracting". We get our work through other ways because door knocking is the least effective way.
This week, me and my companion visited a lot of members, and tried to contact all of the referrals we had. As far as the referrals go, we haven't had a lot of luck. However, we have found a few investigators through our own efforts! One is the Hernandez family, consisting of the mother Irma, and her three sons. One is 16 years old named Marcos. Super cool guy! We took him to young mens and he is very prepared for the gospel. The other we found through our own efforts is the Lopez family. We haven't taught them yet because we barely contacted them 3 days ago and set up a return appointment. Our other investigator is named Sergio. He's an awesome guy, but has his problems. He has been an alcoholic for quite a while, and his wife wants to divorce him for that very reason. He is trying to change, and we are trying to help him, but it's hard for him.
Okay, now a little about Spanish. When we knock a door, we usually start out with English. If necessary, we switch to Spanish. It's very interesting here, most people know their primary language, (Spanish or English) with enough knowledge of the other language to get by. Also, when talking with members it is usually Spanish. I'm very good now at saying, "lo siento, no puedo entender", or "sorry.. I don't understand." So then they will switch to English or my comp will translate. However, it is really nice that I'm not always using Spanish. Even though it will help me get along quicker, English is nice to use.
The food here is awesome. We get fed by members every night. When they cook for us, it is incredible. Sometimes they aren't able to, so they will buy us pizza or subway or something. But I love the food.
Luckily, I am in a walking/biking area so I don't think I am putting on any weight... maybe even losing some weight haha.
Anyways I believe that is all I have for you all. The work is awesome and the Lord is truly working miracles through his missionaries. I have seen firsthand how he prepares a way for us to accomplish the thing he desires of us. If we are obedient to his word, he will bless us more than we can imagine.
Keep praying and reading your scriptures. Your life will be more abundant with the spirit.

Here are the pictures!
6 pics of my apartment
me and my comp, Elder Calvin and his comp
a flipping creepy spider
A few pics of this random cat that climbed on me
an apartment complex we did service in
our bikes
my comp smiling very nicely for the camera ;D

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