Tuesday, November 22, 2016


*Note from Mom - Ryan talks about transfer week, but that just means changes in his mission to different companionship's. Sometimes it will be Ryan, sometimes not. This time, Ryan stayed in the same area with the same companion.  He says "Elder Ramirez is staying with me for at least another 6 weeks. That is customary with training. The trainer stays with the trainee for their first 12 weeks."

Also, if you want to send Ryan a card of package for Christmas, he gets mail every Tuesday, so if you want him to get it before Christmas, it should be there before Dec. 20th.  Thanks for your love, support, and prayers!  Ryan feels it :)

Well! One transfer is down! This excites me since this last week was very bad. However, apparently it's a normal thing to have a bad week on your last week of the transfer. So... I'm very much looking forward to this week.
This last week we were focusing on committing people to baptismal dates. The first ones we wanted to commit were the Hernandez family. We are only teaching the mother Irma and her 16 year old son Marcos right now. However, Irma's younger kids come to church with her. Anyways, we visited them on Tuesday night and they told us they couldn't meet with us at all during the week, but that they would come to church. They have bed bugs in their apartment and they were doing some deep cleaning. Sadly, they didn't show to church.
The next one we wanted to commit was Sergio, who is an alcoholic, but nevertheless a good man. We haven't been able to visit him every day as we promised him we would, and I believe as a result he slipped up and got drunk again. Every Sundaywe walk thirty minutes to his house to make sure he is ready and going to church, and then walk 30 minutes back to the church. (We live near the church). This sunday we came by the regular time and he wasn't home. So I dunno!
I had a request to give more detail about my daily life, so here goes.
6:30 we wake up and work out. (sometimes not. Ha.)
7am we have an hour to shower, eat, and get ready for the day.
8am we have personal study. I study a variety of things, including the BOM, Our Search for Happiness, Our Heritage, etc.
9am we have companion study, where we share what we learned from PS, we read the missionary handbook 3 pages, and then plan more for the day.
10am we have language study. I have a few materials from the MTC i use, but I find the best study just proselyting!
11am we do 12 week, which is the training booklet new missionaries have for their first 12 weeks.
12pm we usually take lunch for an hour.
1-5 we go out and proselyte, which for us includes going to teaching appointments, visiting members, trying to contact referrals from other missionaries, and occasionally going on an adventure.
5pm we have dinner with a member. We are fed by the members every night except on p-day.
6-9 we do more proselyting. I find this time more productive since people tend to be home more.
9-10:30 we plan for the next day, or do whatever we need! and go to sleep
Gosh... sorry for the long email. Again, I appreciate all your love and prayers. The language continues to come along well. I'm putting my trust in God to give me the gift of tongues while I learn Spanish.
I hope you all have a fantastic time on Thanksgiving with your family. That's the most precious time of all.
Elder Horton

Elder Horton for president 2020
May or may not have crashed my bike... But i'm all right
Service for a member building his house from the bottom
Sunsets for dayz
Elder Ramirez for president 2020
I dunno this was just an awesome view.
District meeting in the nursery room!!

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