Saturday, September 3, 2016


Buenas dias, everyone!
I'm sitting here thinking what I want to say, and all I can think of is ;klgjsd;klfjgjhsadgjkhsd;ialgjsad.... so that's great. I hope all is well in your lives, and I hope you all know the lord will bless you for your faithfulness.
OKAY. First day seemed to be a blur. I was dropped off at the curb, met by a host and taken to get my badge, key card, room key, books,etc. I felt so happy and hyped to finally be at the MTC. However, that hype was killed the moment I stepped into my first class and my teacher spoke nothing but spanish. It was quite the shock, as i'm sure you can imagine. I was met by my companion too. His name is Elder Calvin, and he is from Alabama. He's quite the guy, and he's definitely full of Alabama pride. The first day he put up a Roll Tide flag and it's been hanging ever since. Quite honestly, (sorry mom and dad) I didn't even think about my family the first day because you could say I was caught up in the work.
The second day was quite the adventure. In my room there are 6 Elders, and we agreed to wake up at 6am to get shower time. Well, we all left the room, and being new elders none of us remembered to bring a room key. The door was shut, and no one had a way to get in. We  got locked out of our room, and sat in the couches in the halls naked. That was a lot of fun! Soon enough we got our Zone leaders to run to the front desk for a spare key. haha,fun times!
The third day, Friday, was insane. I didn't think we would have to teach anyone, with all of us not knowing any Spanish, but sure enough we had to teach our first "investigator" Patricia. She was very nice and understanding at our lack of Spanish knowledge. The lesson, I felt, went well. However my companion thought differently. At one point during this 20 minute lesson, he banged his head on the desk because he couldn't remember a word. Later friday night, we had a district testimony meeting. Between the 12 of us, it almost took 2 hours of our time. (which is no big deal, we had 2 more hours in that block to study.) It was the strongest I had felt the spirit in a long time. There's something about a bunch of young men and women putting the name of Jesucristo on our chests and testifying of him that brings such a great spirit. (I know, weird right?)
Those are the highlights of my week... still not sure how i'm going to format my emails. Also, just know that what I don't mention during the day is just language and companion study. Or meals.
The food is great here. 
Spanish update; i can decently bear my testimony and say a pretty bomb prayer. 
Once again, I hope you guys are all doing well. Homesickness isn't very bad, and I pray to the Lord I can become lost in the work. But this is, as many Elders say, probably the hardest thing I have done. (and i have taken Calculus, people). I love you guys. Thank you for your prayers.

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