Saturday, September 24, 2016


All right, everyone! Here's the deal. General Conference is this coming weekend, and I sincerely want all of you to clear your schedules Saturday and Sunday. 6 hours each day,(4 on Sunday) is that too much to ask from me? We get to hear from the prophet, for heaven's sakes. That is such a blessing for us.
On a less important note, I have been blessed by the Lord with the opportunity to sing in the missionary choir who will sing in General Conference saturday afternoon session. I was only notified this last week, and basically we have 8 practices, one each day, to perfect and memorize these hymns. Just a little bit of pressure. The first presidency will come to the MTC thursday to hear us perform and make sure we are good enough to perform in conference. Very exciting.
So that was my highlight of the week. Also, whilst talking to my friend here who is going to Russia, I was approached by Elder Jared Horton, who is going to Ukraine. Whoa! It was very cool to meet him, and I really need to find out how we are related.
I see Elder Singleton and Elder Roberts everywhere. Its awesome! 
In no way does it feel like I have almost been here for a month. The weeks fly by. I hope that is the same for you all.
Spanish update: we taught about 8 lessons this week, some to a real investigator, (though I am suspicious he is a member pretending to be an investigator), and some to my teachers playing the role of an investigator. I was able to invite the latter to be baptized and that was the greatest thing ever. She accepted. too bad she is my teacher! haha so everything is coming along well.
Spiritual thought: I know all of you, especially the youth, hear all the time about how technology is a great thing to push forward the work but it can also be used as a bad thing from time to time. I encourage you all to use technology in your personal lives. Take a few minutes out of each day to watch a mormon message, listen to a talk, or to share the gospel. I know that as you do so, the Lord will bless you with his spirit and you will feel a solace from the crazy world we live in.
Thank you all for sending your love through Dear Elder and packages, and for writing me. I feel your prayers pushing me on every day. Each and every day I try to be more Christlike and the Lord has blessed me by helping me to think in every situation, WWJD? haha it sounds funny but truly it is a blessing.

Elder Horton and Elder Horton

Elder Smith going to the Salt Lake South mission (Spanish) take care of him guys


The Long Beach bros from my district,


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