Sunday, September 11, 2016


Hola amigos. First off, a few things I forgot to include in my last week's email. I see plenty of Bingham brothers here. Even though we may have not talked in high school, we both know who each other are and we say hi. It's such a blessing to me to see people I know.
My district consists of 10 elders and 2 sisters. Surprisingly enough, (to me) we are not all going to the same mission. Only 3 of the elders in my district are going to Long Beach.
Second, the reason I title this "timeandspace". Well... time is really weird here in the MTC. The first 3 days my first week felt like an eternity, and the last 7 felt like an instant.
Anyways I think i want to format my emails like this: answering any questions, a few cool experiences this week, spanish update, and a spiritual thought.
QUESTIONS i need to answer!
Branches here in the MTC consist of 6-7 districts. One district is equal to one District. One district is a classroom of about 10/12 people. Your branch is also your zone. So, 12 people in a district/classroom, and 6 districts in a branch/zone. I hope that clears up things. 
Spanish is crazy. We get completely immersed in the language, where the teacher doesn't speak english, so you're forced to pick it up. We have lots of books and study materials. They don't really teach us vocabulary, but we first get taught how to say a prayer, then bear your testimony, etc. You sort of pick up the language that way.
I don't know if I ever get to be a host. I would hope so!
I see my buddies all the time. Like I said before, I've seen so many bingham brothers. The MTC is a lot smaller than it seems, and it's great to see guys.
Spanish update: we have taught our first "investigator" 5 times now, and this last lesson we taught, I brought in little to no notes. I have complete trust that the lord will let the spirit work in me to say the words I need to say. It went well, and I invited her to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon. Then the next day she walked in and she was our teacher so yeah...
Pero, yo sé que si usted orará con verdadera intención, sentirá el espiritu santo. 
But, I know  that if you pray with true intent, you will feel the Holy Spirit.
Days here have about 11 hours of class, some of it with a teacher and some of it without. There's not much to tell, but I have a few cool experiences.
Sunday was fast sunday, and so many elders bore their testimonies. SO very spiritual. Crazy spirit here in the MTC.
Tuesday, we had Elder Christofferson for a devotional and I sang in the MTC choir (which just so happened to consist of 1200 people). It was broadcast to all the other MTC's and I felt connected to all by other brothers, Elders Roper, Stidham, and Olsen. 
3 elders and 2 sisters in my district, including me, love music and we decided we would audition with a musical number, "be still my soul". It's a beautiful arrangement. One of the sisters is playing the piano, so we have 3 guys and one girl singing. Yes, one of those elders is singing alto. Bless his soul. 
I love you all. I hope back home, all is going well. I hope you are all adjusting to classes well, that you all are getting enough sleep, (unlike me), and that you are all continuing to stay steadfast in Christ. 
I know that this Church, including the Book of Mormon, is true. I know that because Christ suffered for us, we can all return to Heavenly Father. And I know any of you can find out for yourselves if any of these things are true. You just need to kneel down, and ask with real intent having faith. (read Moroni 10:3-5)
I appreciate all the love you guys have shown me, and i'm sorry about the long emails, haha. I will try to make them shorter.

PS: i found a little extra time to get on and email, so I just want so say that we have the opportunity to go to the temple every week and it is such a blessing. Also, GO UTES tonight!!

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