Monday, June 26, 2017


Hola amigos, this is Elder Horton once again, hailing from the 2nd floor of the Cerritos Library, on one of the more-than-70 computers.
This week has been absolutely crazy. As my companion is a Zone Leader, we have been to and fro, dealing with a lot of business. However that hasn't stopped the work. Elder Horton has been busy learning his new area which includes Norwalk and Lakewood. I've also been a little taken aback by the amount of work in this area. I've had to learn a lot of names, which results with losing a lot of names from my old area. Such is the life of a missionary.
There are some significant changes from down in Long Beach to up here in Cerritos. First off is the weather. We're hitting a constant 95 in the mid day, and increasing every day. Before, I was able to have the ocean breeze cool me off 10 degrees cooler. Also, there's a lot more members in this Ward I'm serving in. It's crazy! however, as far as missionary work goes, there's a lot less Hispanics here. There are more full houses, and less apartments. A lot of Hispanics down here aren't able to find a good secure job, because, well, they're not legal. but with a more secure job you can make more money and live in a house. Kind of twisted logic, and Elder Horton is even boring himself.
Also apparently Elder Horton has started talking about himself in the third person. What a weirdo ;P
Fun story!
Elder Anglin and I were walking down the street, and tried to contact a man who was just about to light up his blunt of Mary Jane. As we got talking, he told us he's a Christian and believes in Jesus. Somehow we got on the subject of his blunt and he told us this. "This is natural. It comes out of the ground, just like tomatoes. Except you eat tomatoes, but you don't eat this. I smoke this."
Elder Anglin and I got a little bit down the road and just burst out laughing. People here are fun to talk with.
That's about it. Sorry for the short email, but I promise more cool stuff next week.
Con Amor,

Elder Horton

Elder Anglin and I


The Franco Family

The unbeatable trio

The Quintanilla family

The Camarena family

Mi casa es su casa

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