Monday, June 5, 2017


Hola familia y mis amigos. Espero que estén bien.
Well this week seemed to fly by. My companion Elder Wallis and I are having such a good time out here in Long Beach talking to stoners, Buddhists, and borrachos in the street on Sunday night!
Well basically these last 4 weeks of this transfer we have focused on finding new investigators. We were extremely successful and we found what we believe to be some of the people God has prepared to hear our message. But this last week we tried to focus more in on our investigators and committing them to baptismal dates and to come to church. Sadly our efforts didn't see any fruits as we ran dry for investigators at church and we still report a big ol' 0 to our district leader for baptismal dates. I can tell all of you one thing for sure, I am going to spend a lot of time on my knees this week. When I'm not on my knees, I'll be using them to work. 
Always as missionaries we are told we are assigned to our own mission for a reason, the same with the area we are serving. There is someone there our words can touch and hopefully convert. I believe that completely, so I need to just get out and work!
Enough about me, how are you all doing? I appreciate your letters and love you send me. It means a lot to have more to do than I have time. I heard that Max Stidham tied the knot, so congrats to him. I heard the Stake presidency in my home stake is being reorganized so I'm very excited to hear who becomes the new president and his counselors.
I know a lot of you are in Utah currently, so I hope that 90 degree weather isn't killing you yet. Maybe you're enjoying the sun for now. Here in Long Beach the heat comes in waves. One day will be cloudy without rain, and the next day will be the high 80's. I never know what to expect. We had 3 days of clouds in a row, so the 4th day I put on a sweater. Well that was the day the sun decided to show himself! Ha!
I'm pretty proud of myself. I am cooking! This week I made tacos for my companion and I, we have made homemade pizzas, and I am going to cook a stir-fry this week. Simple meals, but trust me. It's a step up from mac&cheese and the classic PB&J.
We had Zone Conference this week, as well as interviews with the mission president. I learned different things from each. I learned how simply we must teach. So often we can over complicate things and just confuse the people we teach. But if we teach simply, almost as teaching to a child, they will understand so much more. The Gospel is simple, people! Let's teach it that way!
Also I gave myself another haircut. Thanks for all the comments telling me to cut it ;)
Pues, eso es todo para mi. Espero que pasen una buena semana!

Elder Horton

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