Monday, June 19, 2017


Brothers, sisters, animals, and cats of every kind! How are you!?
I'm great, thanks for asking.
First order of business. Elder Horton is back in a trio for 3 days! This last Saturday, an Elder in our district went home early. So for the second time here in Long Beach, I am in a trio for a short time before the transfer date. This one has lasted for 3 days. Our tag-along buddy is named Elder Kimball. He was in the MTC with me, and so we had a fun time fooling around and working hard. He's a fantastic missionary, and has been called to be District Leader this coming transfer in the Ximeno district.
Next order of business! Transfer facts are in, and I will be transferring to the Cerritos stake. My next companion is Elder Anglin who's a Zone Leader. I don't know much about him, neither do you! I'll let you know next week. Of course I'm sad to not stay here with my good friend Elder Wallis. We have worked so hard, gotten along, and increased our investigator pool so much. It's going to hurt a little bit to know I can't help these people progress more to baptism, but I have faith in Elder Wallis to help these people with his new companion. Meanwhile, I have business the Lord needs me to do in Cerritos.
There are many opportunities for growing in this next area where I will serve! I'm going to a strong ward, with many members who are willing to help us in the missionary work. I'm hoping they are as willing as the branch I'm in. We have so few members to help us here, and a lot of them are busy. However they are so willing to help when they can. Also I have an opportunity to learn from this new companion. He's a strong missionary, and a great guy from what I've heard. 
I'm sure after 6 months here, I have forgotten a little about how to change. Same area, same people. I hope I can remember and embrace this new change with new missionaries, new working area, new members to meet, and new everything virtually! As I submit my will to the Lord's, who wants me to work here for the next little while, I know I will be blessed.
This can apply to all of you! You all are facing a little more change than missionaries. School, friends, family, job, etc. If you learn to embrace and love change, things will go so much better for you. "Fighting the system" is not good. It is change that helps us adapt so new situations, grows us spiritually and mentally, and can often stretch us into the person our Heavenly Father wants us to become. Please, everyone learn what kind of changes the Lord is placing into your life and try your best to embrace it. You will be blessed beyond belief.

Red Robin

People park this close in Cali on a regular basis... so do we

Wallis's drawing

Elder Wallis eating candy like always

Haciendo la obra

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